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Friday, January 15, 2016

2 Weeks in, 3 Deaths Later...

What a year so far. We've lost Lemmy, Bowie, and just yesterday, Alan Rickman. US politics are even crazier and more full of greedy fools and liars than usual. Climate change is happening and the powers that be sit arguing like idiots. We continue to fund killing and oppression overseas while people die in our own streets of things we should be fixing. Things like homelessness, disease, hunger, gun madness and mental illnesses. It looks like 2016 is just like every other year.

But I have good news. The CT scan with both barium swallow and IV contrast went off without a hitch on Wednesday. The radiologist, Emma, was fabulous. And last night, Dr. McDreamy House called to say it was all fine. No abnormalities. Stay on the soft foods for a while and avoid the things that irritate diverticula, and all should be well. I almost jumped through the phone to hug him. I'll go through with the endoscopy and colonoscopy just to underline it and make sure nothing was hiding, but for now, WOOHOO!

I slept like a rock last night.

There's more to say, but the day has many things in store and I must run. Just wanted to stop by and give an update. Enjoy the weekend, be kind, celebrate the good.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Doctor McDreamy House and the Gut of Mystery

After 3 weeks of super drugs to kill the infection going on, there still be pain and swelling. This means that Weds. I have a CT scan with both contrasts, IV and oral. Joy. And that will be followed with a colonoscopy and endoscopy on Groundhog's Day. I have the gallon jug with the powders to be mixed for that already. Double joy. There was a surprise in that my doc pushed through Medicare to get these tests done immediately as possible. It could've been up to 2 weeks' wait, which would've pushed the 'scopies into later in February. That's a minor miracle.

The good parts of this are that I'm dropping weight, my white blood cell count is close to normal, I'm eating regular foods (though slowly) again at last, and I have a great doctor. He's really engaged in what goes on. He calls when your blood tests come back. He's thoughtful and almost House-ish when he sits there thinking. I like watching people think. He looks at things as puzzles and he's curious to solve things.. He's also funny, but that brand of humor you know people don't often get. Beyond dry, deadly understated and at the same time endearing. We hit it off. That's a rare thing in medical care these days. I really lucked out getting him. However this goes, I know I'm in good hands.

He's easy on the eyes, too. Nursey stories are of every woman around swooning in his presence, and a very jealous, loud, 'show up and claim her man' wife. I could see that. But the sexiest thing about him is his mind, to me. ;)

I'm not speculating on what this could be. There are too many possibilities to even think about it. When the test results come back, we'll know better. I do feel better after the keflex/cipro/flagyll round, and it's not nearly as bad. It's just not good. At all. As I'm losing weight I'm seeing how swollen that side is, so there's concern. But we'll know all pretty soon.

Meanwhile, I'm gathering the notes and draft portions together to write the Beest book and get it done.

Mare got very bad news and we may not have her throughout 2016.

It doesn't seem to me that my parents' generation was so sickly as mine, at this age.

Billy is okay, still isolated, but coming along.

I haven't heard from Strider in weeks. just hope she's okay.

Everyone abides, especially Beest, who's become an attention whore.

As for the bigger world, it's still spinning, however unhealthily. There's no energy these days to get very political. Pain and stress go together and I don't need additional amounts of either right now.

How is 2016 treating my blogosphere family?