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Friday, January 29, 2010

Ding Dong! Church Ladies Calling

OK I dropped everything to write this short blog.

This morning, awaiting my prescriptions in hellpaingoddammit mode, a knock at the door, well, light battering might describe it. I get up, yell, "I'm coming", and open the door. There are two middle-aged women in very 70s suburban winter dress. One says, "Oh I see you have trouble and you came to the door." The other launches right into the salespitch, "We just wanted to spread some neighborly cheer in these sad and troubled times...blah blah blagh." Dramatic pause. "These are such hard times." Both of their banana-curled blonde heads dip in a nod to mark something or other. The shorter one holds up a book, a stormcloud sunset shot with infotainment faith font in white, saying something comforting and threatening in a very white-people-only way. "I'm not Christian, thanks," I say, and make to close the door. "Well, maybe you'd just like to have this book and give it some thought." I laugh. "I'd like to go sit down," I say. Then both start chattering. I raise my hand and wave and close the door to their bye-byes.

I thought I was safe here.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bizzy Backson

I'm very busy, friends are changing careers, starting biz, needing my eyes and brains, Plus I'm writing up a storm in the book I'm putting together so I'm just too bizzy to blog.

Not complaining- it's a lifesaver to be needed and really makes you think you haven't been thru whatever you've been thru for nothing. And maybe we'll all help each other out of the rut. In any event, it's good work and my way of volunteering since I can't leave the house.

But I wanted to giva a rec for San Fran Herbs. They're a great company with way reasonable prices and I've dealt with them for over 20 years with not a problem. If you're needing an herb, look em up:,category.asp

February's coming- find comedy!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

This Winter Snows

Earlier it came this season
Than in many of recent remembrance.
Not deeper, certainly colder,
It stays white.
Around here we take it in stride,
For the most part.
The chronic madness
in grocery stores
Goes on.
"Gonna snow!
Gotta have a chicken!"
Still, it joyfully swirls to earth in the lamplight.

Snow is Nature's way of telling you
That beauty can kill.