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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring Cleaning

I don't care if it's gray and rainy, it's the end of a winter I want to put behind as quickly and fully as possible. It was a cold, dark winter.

Sometimes people appear in your life that live in darkness and secrets. Their isolation makes you want to bring them in. But they have a learned coldness that mistrusts warmth. Sad and sick, they protect their insanity because it's all they know. But there comes a time sooner or later that one event bares so much reality that there's no going back, or even wanting to go forward. Like winter, they may recede or leave with a storm, but either way it's good to be done with them. And like spring, each day itself may be unpredictable, but you know the warmth is coming and everything will grow again.

So, on to spring cleaning. I'm looking forward, throwing out the trash, and takjing care to stay away from the darkness in the future. Nothing grows in cold insanity, no matter how much you tend it.

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