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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Indecent, Rovian, Disgusting Obama Smear

Today I received an email from my cousin in Florida's wife. Titled "something of interest", I opened it thru endless attachments with hundreds of email addys. It begins with a snapshot of a a smiling black woman pointing to an Obama 08 sticker, claiming this woman is his grandmother. It then goes on thru many snapshots of "Obama's family in Kenya" with paragraphs under each. In these paragraphs, it is claimed that Obama was illegitimate, that his late father was a drunk and drug addict, that his African relatives are all ne'er-do-wells, that his uncle named his son after Fidel Castro, that his family are radical militant Muslims, that Obama disrespected his maternal grandparents by calling them "white folk" and that he changed his name to Barack Hussein Obama. I lit into my cousin's wife over it. But judging by the volume of email addys, this must be everywhere. How entirely shameful.

I deleted it in disgust. I've asked her to send it to me again for autopsy.

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