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Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Marching Song of the Covert Battalions by Billy Bragg

Here we are, seeking out the reds
Trying to keep the communists in order
Just remember when you're sleeping in your beds
They're only two days drive from the Texas border.
How can a country large as ours
Be scared of such a threat?
Well if they won't work for us
They're against us you can bet!
They may be sovereign countries
But you folks at home forget
That they all want what we've got
But they don't know it yet!
We're making the world safe for capitalism!
Here we come with our candy and our guns
And our corporate muscle marches in behind us
For freedom's just another world for nothing left to sell
And if you want narcotics we can get you those as well...
We help the multi-nationals
When they cry out protect us
The locals scream and shout a bit
But we don't let that affect us
We're here to lend a helping hand
In case they don't elect us
How dare they buy our products
Yet still they dont respect us!
We're making the world safe for capitalism!
If you thought the army
Was here protecting people like yourself
I've some news for you
We're here to defend wealth!
Away with nuns and bishops
The good lord will help those that help themselves
I've some news for you
We're here to defend wealth!
We're making the world safe for capitalism!


MoonRaven said...

A powerful and, unfortunately, accurate song. Thank you for posting this, Laura.

MoonRaven said...

A thought after I posted my comment. I realize the song is a bit out of date--as I can be. Hopefully someone will update it to show how our government is now 'protecting' us from the moslem hordes (and now masquerades capitalism as 'democracy').

Laura Austan said...

I'm a Bragg fan. I'm sure he'll be addressing the more current developments with more songs of protest.

It just makes me ill to think what other countries think of us, and how we lie and twist language. How will we ever regain trust and respect after being an international pathological liar?