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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ego Fugis Ab Mea Gluteus Maximus

Fall came and went, winter started early and stayed, and I forgot to blog.

A surprise email brought me back here and while here, I thought may as well update.

Tommy is still healing, veeery slowly. He took a fall on the ice and rebroke a couple things, but he's hanging in there. He was sad he couldn't sing for Christmas services, but he's looking forward to Easter. He said this was the second best holiday he remembers, so that's cool. He's down to 160 lbs, as skinny as he was in HS. Ruth worried herself down to a size 8. Bet I wouldn't even recognize them. Scott spends most of his time out of the house, natch. He's 20 and in college. So all's pretty well in PA.

Billy has decided no more surgeries and who can blame him? He's drugged to the gills but goes to work every day. I worry about him driving in NJ that way. Mac stopped PE on her new hip too early and is still gimping around on it. It didn't change her back problems anyway. They're getting new windows on the house.

My grandniece Colleen beat us all by getting her book on a library shelf first. Her volume on the local cemetery will stay a research resource forever. All else is much the same with those out west, aside from things too personal for a blog.

We have a new president, and it's Obama. At some point I'll blog about that alone. I'm still blown away that it actually happened.

The holidays of double-aught 8 will be remembered as almost perfect, and so analogous to the holidays of 1969 that it makes me smile. Except I didn't miss singing "O Holy Night" in the Junior Choir solo this time. But I came down just as sick and slept all wrapped up on Kathleen's couch with the fireplace going. Christmas morning was like being kids again, tearing into presents and Harley getting in the mess.

Neglected Thanksgiving! A great day, with people coming and going and watching seasonal movies and then music. It was great to have Stevil back in form. The Cromptons were fun, Chris and Lise and Nancy and Ten.. good friends, lots of laughter.

And now it's 2009. I survived 2008, an annus horribilus, and made it to the other side. Disability came thru the first time (Thanks again, Bernie and Gretchen). No retro for the last 2 years, but who cares. I'm at least living on the poverty line now. The bills are paid, there's food in the house and I have some to share. Can't complain. There are still plenty of things to deal with (does that ever end?) but ya do what you can and let the rest go. The world's a strange and wondrous place. Just when you think you're sure of something, something will happen that makes you change what you know. I just try to fly by my ass.

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