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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back in the Fracas

Much hoopla from paid GOP & rich lobbies' crybabies at Town Hall Meetings over the healthcare reform. I have friends and family in civilized countries who have full coverage. I can't believe that Americans are this stupid and selfish. I may have to leave this Idiocracy.

Sunday I'll be going to Bennington with my friend Ellen to march in the parade. My gods it's been years now since I could do such things and I'm so psyched! We're joining the Healthcare is a Human Right division and I'm hoping to see people I haven't been amongst in ages. Bernie Sanders is holding a Town Hall Meeting in Peacham on the 23rd & I'm looking for a ride to it. I do love Bernie. If all politicians were like him, we'd be okay.

In other news, now that my head is cleared of those pharmas my dr pushed on me, I'm drawing again. One portrait has been printed so now I know it can be done and done affordably. I'm looking at getting a space in our town's Gallery Walk, once I have a few more pieces. It takes a week to do one portrait, which used to take 4 hours, but I still can do it.

Things are truly looking up. Amazing what an old, used, donated wheelchair can do.

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MoonRaven said...

Wow--this sounds great. It's good to hear that you are back in action. I know everything is far from wonderful but it seems like you have your sense of proportion in tact. I'm glad you are marching and protesting and also drawing (ah, the Gallery Walk).

Much love to you as you struggle and triumph.