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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bizzy Backson

I'm very busy, friends are changing careers, starting biz, needing my eyes and brains, Plus I'm writing up a storm in the book I'm putting together so I'm just too bizzy to blog.

Not complaining- it's a lifesaver to be needed and really makes you think you haven't been thru whatever you've been thru for nothing. And maybe we'll all help each other out of the rut. In any event, it's good work and my way of volunteering since I can't leave the house.

But I wanted to giva a rec for San Fran Herbs. They're a great company with way reasonable prices and I've dealt with them for over 20 years with not a problem. If you're needing an herb, look em up:,category.asp

February's coming- find comedy!

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