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Sunday, June 6, 2010

High Mowing

It's just the first week of June, but it sure feels like midsummer. We've had short t-storms all day today. My circa 1970 GM air conditioner has not been turned off in 3 days and nights. But the heifers and cows and humans all made it thru the parade and festivities and we wave bye-bye to all that falderal for another year. And Pay-As-You-Throw is in for the vote, putting that to bed til the end of the month.

However, this town is rarely at a loss for causes and controversies. And it seems that every summer brings one old issue back with at least one new one. This year it's what to do about Harmony Lot and Elliot Street starring in its recurrent comeback role, and the stoplight and sidewalk renovation contention starring in its debut role.

When I have brain cells and a fresh supply of blood I will go into each of these topics. I just wanted to get a first June post up so I start the ball rolling. Right now I'm a dehydrated husk just capable of finishing this sentence and toddling off to a long summer nap (though it's technically still not summer).

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