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Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Windy Moon

So today is my 50-somethingeth birthday and everything has been hash from about 3 a.m. on. There is no time for anything because the Comcast guy got here an hour BEFORE schedule, which put the rest of the day in a tailspin. Celebrating birthday? No, because I have other things that have to be done that were going to be done earlier but got pushed back. The next 45 minutes are open. Whoopee.

Bright spot of the day- Niecely sent me a backup computer,. My Myrtle BeachSisInLaw directed them to send me her former laptop, so I'll have no excuse to not be online anymore. :) Nephew cleaned it up and put something in it so that if it goes haywire he can fix it. And Niecely cross stitched a portrait from the pic of Greg and me from last birthday. I don't even know how she did it, but it's utterly beautiful. It must've taken days and days to do. Absolutely love it. When Stevil gets a pic of it I'll post it.

Not to be entirely complaining, I had 81 emails with various happy birthday wishes. And then Facebook too. I managed to get the official FB notification wiped off but that didn't entirely work. One person wishes a HB, the crowd goes, "eh?" and there's a stampede of personal messages. :D It's lovely, really. Just overwhelming on a stressful day.

Anyway, yes, I'm alive. And another year's on the ageometer. And the internet/computer is mostly working, and the cable channels are back with my "free month" gone. I'm very grateful to my friends, especially Steve West of Fearless Computing (802 387 0058), for their support and for getting me a working computer after Sunny blew up, for next to nothing. I'm getting used to Windows XP and IE8, and all will be well after this full moon is over.

We also got notice that the BHA will be coming in here on the 2nd to measure the place for raising up the baseboard heaters, water heater, electric sockets and installing flood gates. When they do the actual work we'll be tossed out of our homes again. That's the morning after Strider and new puppy will be coming in late, too. The one damn morning we'll want to laze around and the first time I'll have seen her since Thanksgiving and the very first time I'll meet new puppy. Bastids. My life is so full of them.

Yes, and I blame this full moon for how things are and how I feel today. It's the Wind Moon. Everything is a rush, everything is a priority, everything will piss you off. In the old days, this is the work day from Hell that ended by going home with a "fat boy" bottle of wine and a liquid dinner that ended in an early bedtime.

Well, I have 12 minutes free until the next thing I have to do. Then something else at 6. About 7:30 I'll be free to have something to eat and then start working on my column that's due tomorrow. I figure by the time that's done I'll be a right bitch, and it'll be time to go to bed.

Meh, birthdays are overrated anyway.


Anonymous said...

There's no law says you have to celebrate your birthday ON your birthday...pick a good day and have a blast. Oh, and just in case no one mentioned it, Happy Birthday.
I'm so glad you've got your internet service back on track and a functioning computer...I know you weren't gone long but I missed you.

Geo. said...

Ah, I remember my fifty-somethingth birthday, almost as well as I remember my sixty-somethingth ones. Happy birthday, kid. Delighted to see your post!

Austan said...

Thank you, Lawless. It was a weird experience. fter dinner I'm going to write the VV column and yep, it'll be about being offline. :)

Austan said...

Geo! Thanks! I'm still playing catch up, but I'll do it, I swear! There's a weekend coming!!!

Thomas J said...

Well, I'm happy it is your birthday. Which is to say I am happy you where born, and even more happy that you came into the world when and where you did because it all worked out so that I could meet you and know you and be tremendously happy and grateful for it.

Austan said...

Aw Tommy, thank you. I'm so happy we got to find each other after all these years of changes. You're a good friend and a good guy. xo

Munir said...

Happy Birthday.
I am sorry that you are so pressed for time. I hope that is not an understatement or may be it is. Now that you mentioned about your computer I know why I had not seen your blog post in sometime. I am glad that you wrote.
Chores will always be there. Please set aside sometime even if it is for ten minute and admire yourself. See how nice you look for the people who care for you. I am translating in English what is coming in my head in my language as I am not very good in making people feel better if they are sad on their birthday.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

First: Happy Birthday to u, H/B to u; Happy Birthday Dear Laura, H/B to u.
Second: you got up and were vertical today and that was a good thing.
Third: Someone who loves you gave you a reconditioned computer and loaded it for you.
Fourth: Even though the cable people came early, they did show up and your cable will work sooner.
Fifth: Even though there may be a little chaos going on, you are going to spend some time with Strider and the pup.
Sixth: winter is over and it will be warm and wonderful soon.
All good things Laura. Enjoy! F

Elephant's Child said...

And many, many happy birthday and coming year wishes from me too. I am really looking forward to your next article too.
And relieved that it was (largely) technical issues which kept you out of the blogosphere for a bit. I missed you adn worried.
Happy birthday again and, as Delores says, pick a date and CELEBRATE.

Austan said...

Munir- your message was loud and quite clear, in any language. Thank you. By day's end, all was done and I slept like the dead.

Austan said...

Arleen- Thanks! I did what always works, spend a couple hours helping someone else. There's nothing like giving to make you see all you have. Today isn't at breakneck speed and things will get done when they get done. om. :)

Austan said...

EC- Thank you. My editor has just said "no worries, relax". Which means it's okay to turn it in tomorrow, and that's good. I spent the last hours of my b'day worried about my brother who wasn't answering the phone and hadn't called to sing at me. But all's well, he was sick yesterday, and is on the mend. I expect to celebrate tonight! What a weird birthday! Will post the new column tomorrow, then.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

See how many of us really care about you, Laura, Another good thing.

John Gray said...

Belated birthday greetings from welsh wales xxxx

Austan said...

Aw, thank you all!!! xo