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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Autumn... and Spring

Since I have a superstition about these things, I decided to be blogging when Autumn starts at 4:44 p today. A long time ago someone (I don't remember who) said whatever you're doing when the season changes is what you'll be doing for that season. This Fall I plan to be writing. The Summer put me in a daze and I wasn't very productive at all, writing-wise. Lots of other things, but not what I love best. Right now I have a large Tortie pestering me for attention, the smell of a peach/apple pie filling my Hobbithole and BBC radio playing. It'd be fine to spend the season this way. It's 4:44! Happy Autumn to those of us in the north, and Happy Spring to those of us Down Under.

Fall is the one I look forward to most. It's still mostly green, but cool and fresh today and we haven't been overrun by Leaf Peepers yet. It's also blessedly quiet in the Shire, and in a little while I'll start up "The Hobbit" (which I've had for weeks and weeks and still haven't watched) and have a yummy dinner of bangers and mash. Sometime while watching the movie I'll have tea with a bit o'whisky and pie. Life is good.

Well, I'll qualify that. Life is good so long as I don't think about things. One of the reasons I haven't written much is because I want to live in the bubble of No Bad Things that I created over the Summer. I needed a break. Though I kept up with what's been happening and shared the important points and news on my FB network, that's all I did. It's easy to just see a post, hit "share" and presumably those who care will see it. It doesn't require deep thought nor emotional investment and it makes the point. But it's the easy way out and I know that. Autumn is a good time to come back down to Earth and that's what I intend to do.

But not today. Today is one last escape, and that makes it even sweeter.


sdt (a.k.a. stevil) said...

Looking for the "like" button...

Geo. said...

Happy Autumn Austan! This is when the sunlit air goes a bit grainy and the soul recharges.

Elephant's Child said...

Happy Autumn (my most favourite season). I love the light, and the ability to snuggle into bed again without the feeling that I am going to dissolve into a grease spot.
It is well and truly Spring here (also nice). For some reason we change our seasons on the 1st of the month rather than waiting for the equinox. Laziness I think. Just the same, it has been Spring here for well over a month. She wasn't waiting around this year...
Enjoy your evening, and your season.

Anonymous said...

Happy Autumn days to you too...also my favourite time of year. It is not too hot and not too cold and the world is still green.
Really???? I'm going to spend the season doing what I did all day yesterday??? Rats. I wish I'd known that sooner.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I think Autumn came quietly this year. No bad rumblings of storms, and a sweet ease into cool evenings and mornings.

Be done with what transpired this summer. It's a new season, a new day, and our old is Laura back. All is good.

klahanie said...

Hey Laura,

Life is good and getting gooder. I can fall for such things.

Keep staying upbeat, go play in the leaves and smile.


MoonRaven said...

A belated Happy Autumn to you and wishes for a fun fall.

I'm sorry I'm such an occasional visitor here. I keep thinking I'll be more consistent with this blogging stuff and I keep getting caught up by other things.

It's good to know that things are good up in the Shire. I keep thinking that maybe I'll be up your way some day.