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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Just got a note from Lawless saying Austanspace had disappeared! Well, whether that was a good way to get me here, catching me unawares in the morning, or a friendly poke that something had gone amiss, it's better now. It seems I have a godawful time writing anything but fiction lately. It's a sort of blockage up against all but the novel. There are rotten things going on. It sure seems like more rotten things than ever. And I hear about them and read some, I even post the memes on Fecebook, but I just can't let them in. Not while I'm living these other characters' lives.

I've joined NaNaWriMo. Don't know how much if any help that'll be in getting me to finish this off. Their website truly sucks tailpipe. But I've signed on and my pride will, I'm sure, make me do it. If you don't see me here you'll know I'm in my fictional world, at least til the end of November. Even if I don't leave a comment, I'm lurking. Boy that soumds rather creepy.

Anyhow, I wanted to wish you a very Happy Halloween, Happy Samhain to the broomstick crowd, and Happy New Year to the dead ancient Celts. xo

They're coming to get you, Barbara....

And hey! don't forget to turn your clocks back Saturday night!


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

It is good to see Austanspace on my Dashboard just to know that you are doing OK. Enjoy your factionalized world because the bad news in the real world is piling up to new highs.

Anonymous said...

There you are....I don't know what was going on but your blog was simply off the radar. So you joined NaNo...good for you. We'll soon have another published author in the blogosphere. Good luck with the writing.

Elephant's Child said...

How lovely to see you checking in again. (Thank you Delores).
Have fun with NaMo, and come back to us when you ready...
We turned our clocks forward a couple of weeks ago. Too early I think. The curtains are fading and the grass is growing already.

MoonRaven said...

Glad to have you, even briefly, popping up in your old haunts.

And a good Samhain to you!

John Gray said...


Geo. said...

Happy Halloween, Austan, and best wishes on your writing project!

Munir said...

I was visiting Klahanie and Now I am able to visit you. I follow you but for some reason I was not able to see your post. Anyway I am glad to see you back n the bloghood.
Take care of yourself.

klahanie said...

Hey Laura,

Humble apologies for such a late arrival at your site. Me bad.

Yes, you had vanished and hey presto, you reappeared. You write when the mood strikes, methinks.

You have joined that Mork from Ork tribute challed. NaNo NaNo! ) Enjoy and all the best with that.

And Halloween is over. We just endured Guy Fawkes night. It has taken on huge significance, worldwide. Imagine that.

We turned our clocks back one week earlier than you. Yes, for one wonderful week, you were one our closer to us.

Good to see you, dear lady.


Lisa said...

Hey, came over from Klahanie' blog to check your's out, as he recommended it. I too, am a NaNoWriMo participator this year, first time. I haven't found their site difficult and REALLY appreciate the ease of updating my word count every day. I love having a graph to see the progress too! Wish you luck. Until the end of November...!

Sherry Ellis said...

Hope you had a great Halloween!

Julia Hones said...

Hi, Laura.
I came over from Gary's blog.
Enjoy your nano writing!
It's nice to meet you.

Anonymous said...

Hey's the writing going?