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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Beestitude for the Holidays

Beest has taken up residence under the tree. The last Tortie in my life, my parents' cat Patches, also thought it was her domain. However, Patches went to the space where there were no presents, in back, and stayed there until New Year's Day. Beest is front and center. She will not tolerate gifts near her unless they are suitable pillows, has shredded the gift wrap on the few I put under the tree (the rest are in an ottoman, and under or on top of my desk) and keeps kicking the presents back out across the floor of the front room when I put them back. In holidays past she bit off all ribbons, bows and tags, and I've adapted to those insults. But this is war.

I'm considering my tactical options.   


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Cats and Christmas trees are a union made in hell. Broken bulbs and pulled garland are common along with presents of thrown up sparkling hair balls. If you come up with a solution other than locking up your cat in another room, let us know.

Anonymous said...

Our old Nick loved Christmas and would make a little pile of gifts that were for him and nest among them. The Beest probably just feels really special having the lovely twinkly tree overhead. I'd humour her.

Elephant's Child said...

The Beest has claimed Christmas for her very own. I am NOT going to let Jazz n Jewel (particularly Jazz) see this post.
Jazz has been helping me wrap things. His help has meant that a lot more tape is required... For me and for the parcels.

Geo. said...

I suspect it's the religious association of people keeping Christmas that bothers cats. Cats admit to no power higher than themselves.

Munir said...

It is one of those things. Some one I know would put a splash of water on their kitty's face if she went near the presents or under the tree. Some people put some very strong Cinnamon sachets spread around by the tree. Their cat hated the smell. They would then pick up the sachets by Christmas time. Their cat would get trained by then.

Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar! said...

Hi human, Laura,

Pawhaps place Beest on top of the Christmas tree. Beest can pretend to be the angel on the top :)

All the beast, um, best with your tactics.

Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses,

Penny :) xx

bazza said...

Happy Christmas or whatever from Bazza.
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