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Sunday, March 15, 2015

In Like a Lion

Sometimes it's a little thing that sets one off. Whole avalanches of shit could be raining down for months, years, without much kerfuffle. Then a small thing- like someone presenting you with the gift you'd given them at Christmas last year as your gift this year- throws one out of kilter. It's like getting hit between the eyes with a whiffleball bat. You won't have a concussion, but it's a stunner.

In all. life's been boring and/or stressful.
I can't make myself write.  I feel like I have nothing to say. Sometimes that's out of contentment, which I had lots of over the Fall and Winter. Sometimes it's because there's so much info and writing everywhere now that anything I'd say would be redundant. And sometimes it's just all too damned sad to dwell on.

I'm learning to use my left hand dominantly, and surprised and pleased to find it's not nearly as bad to draw with as I dreaded.

Everyone has been sick/having operations/dying.

This past week: I did something that made my left arm too painful to move for 2 days (then something popped in my shoulderblade and it was better).

This past month: Big Brother Billy bought me a swiveling recliner (lovely). It takes up a third of my living room and now I can't go into that area (not lovely).

Winter was wonderfully cold and pain went way down. I got used to that. It's Mud Season now and Mr. Pain is back for the next 7 months. That rat bastard.

Beest abides. When we were going to sleep the other night she grabbed my hand with a paw and licked my whole palm. Never had a cat do that before. Little weirdo. Little weirdo has big Winter belly now.

Yes, she still bites off her belly fur.

Fingers crossed that Strider can get here next weekend. I haven't seen her since Thanksgiving '13 and I miss the girl. And crazy little Olive will be bringing joy to me and annoyance to the Beest.

Billy went to Florida and came back houseless. Chiefy and Lynn will be back in a week and a half. They too, will return houseless. I don't think Florida is going to happen, but I've been wrong before.

MaryEllen's ovarian cancer did not respond to the 16 courses of chemo. In fact, there are new growths. She's a helluva fighter though. She started a new drug last week. Her spirits seem good.

Politics on every level, from local to international, is an arena of fools and filth. But you know that.

We still don't know when the Shire will be upheaved. The new site is a brown field, and some waste disposal company was illegally dumping hazardous waste there as well. Since the capable manager left we get a minimum of news, so who knows. I'm going to ask to be left here until the next building is done. That should buy me a couple more years.

I hope my bloggy friends are all well and feeling chipper. Happy St. Patrick's Day!



Elephant's Child said...

Pain is a soul sucker isn't it?
Mine leaves the building in the colder months, so I dread summer.
I hope yours settles to a bearable level.
It sounds as if your life has been full. With the good, the bad, and the incomprehensible.
Always lovely to see you pop up in my reader. And a Happy St Patrick's Day to you. Love that cartoon.

Austan said...

It really is. It just takes everything.
Same here. I'm dreading the heat, though it's inevitable.
You're cooling down, so I hope you are more comfortable soon. Take care. x

Geo. said...

Whiffleball bat? Excellent analogy. Couple years ago a contentious relative gave Norma a Christmas present transparently regifted --a purse with a used snotrag in it. If we hadn't laughed so hard it would have hurt. You keep up your internal resilience and don't let the rat bastards get to you. My admiration as always.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I am sure the re-gifter forgot where she got the present (we all do that) and thought it would be something you would enjoy. Don't let it hurt you as there was probably no malice intended.

What a lovely spring gift it will be for you if your daughter can visit. Hopefully, it will be a time when the snow has left and the smell of spring is in the air.

Stay well, dear Laura.

Anonymous said...

Regifting....a dangerous occupation. I just hope and pray no one who gives me gifts visits the thrift shop lol.
Miserable how weather affects us. Cold, wind, dampness and heat all take their toll. Here's hoping the 'rat bastard' isn't too hard on you this summer.
The wee Beastie does indeed have a big winter tummy. What a sweetheart.
Come back and visit again soon, we've missed you.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

It's so good to get an update from you, kiddo. I agree with Arleen about that re-gifted present. Maybe that person was low on funds. If nothing else, maybe that gift looked like something you would genuinely like... which is TRUE, right? (I'm sure you wouldn't pick out something for another person that you DIDN'T like...)

I'm so sorry about the return of pain. Any chance you can move to Colorado...?

Take care. And the luck o' the Irish to you, too.

Austan said...

Geo.- And as always, you struck the center of why it bothered me. I had nobody to point at it and say, "What the hell?!" and then laugh at it together. I got a witness today, even better because it's her daughter. Then I told Allyson, and now it's hilarious! x

Austan said...

Arleen- You're absolutely right. She had no clue, and told her daughter she'd bought it from a second-hand store for me. I just shake my head.

She'll be here Friday! Yay!!!

Stay well, sister!

Austan said...

Lawless- that's what really cracked me up- she tells her daughter she got it from a thrift shop! I gave it to them new last year! Hahahahahah!!!

All things must pass, and the rat bastard will too. ;)

Beest is round now. She slept all Winter like a bear.

I'll be around more often.

Austan said...

Your Yamminess- It's a nice gift. Even the teas I put in there in 2013 are untouched. :)

I'm hoping blogging will get me writing again. I hit a brick wall and it was scary to think I had nothing to say. But that's passing.

We're working on legalization here. I just emailed my State Senator today. Probably not this session (ends in May) but next session... can't be soon enough for me.

You too, and top o'the mornin to ye!

MoonRaven said...

It's always nice to hear from you and I appreciate it when you post--but you are absolutely right. Living is the most important part. Blogging is a good thing to do when you get around to it.

I'm glad you had a period of contentment over the fall and winter and I'm sorry to hear that the pain is back and your friend MaryEllen is so sick. (Not to mention houseless friends, etc.)

Thanks for the St Paddy's day cartoon. I really liked it.