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Monday, May 30, 2016

The 3rd and Worst

They say, and it's been my experience, that death comes in 3s. For the 3rd Saturday in a row, and now hoping the last, the Reaper came.

This is by far the saddest. My friends, the Muffinpants family, have lost their son Jeremiah. He had been suffering with schizophrenia for many years, and ended his life on Saturday. He was found, hanged on Harris Hill, Sunday, by hikers. He was 27, I believe. About 2 years ago I saw him downtown, and he looked terrible. He was a brilliant, talented guy, had written and produced a CD of music when he was in grade school. He was a watchful, silent child. Some 11 years ago he was in a horrible boating accident that left him close to death, but he came thru. That's where his love of opioids came in, and his downhill spiral followed. It's just hard to believe he's gone.

I hope he's at peace now.


Geo. said...

Most unfortunate, three sadnesses in close succession. I can only extend my condolences and wish you strength. I have great confidence in your strength.

Elephant's Child said...

Such a cruel illness. I am so sorry it became insurmountable.

Austan said...

Geo- Thank you for the buck-up.

EC- He was so bright. And so musically talented.

This is like being beaten up every week. I'm not liking it.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

He is at peace now and his awful pain is over. He leaves broken hearts in the aftermath and I am so sorry that you are having more sorrow.

MoonRaven said...

I'm so sorry for all your loss. This sounds awful. Death by cancer is tragic but death by suicide is devastating. May all who knew him find healing.