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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Forgive Me Bloggers, For I Have Wind

It's been almost 4 MONTHS since I have blogged. How did that happen?!!

Well, first I have ongoing hand issues. Typing with 3 fingers is a bother. My friend Sharon gifted me with a Dragon system, but I've yet to conquer it. There will be no medical correction of the hand issues and it's long and boring to explain. So there's that. Then I was feeling like I had nothing left to say. How much can you go over the same shit that's on everybody's mind when you've said it a hundred times? I'm active on Fecebook, which keeps me in touch with family and friends, and whatever news of the day goes on. It saves a lot of typing.

But there's also been events and projects taking my time and energy. The happiest by far has been the filming of the Herman movie, which is, despite catastrophes, in production at last!

Andy Slade (producer and director), with his crew, drove across the country interviewing all the characters who knew and worked with Herman. When we filmed here in my little apartment, it was an all day affair and exhausting as well as magickal. I hadn't seen him since 1991; he's not the skinny kid with a great mop of hair anymore. It was joy to be with him. We're hoping this will be done and released next year, and maybe will make it to Netflix. Fingers crossed. Those on FB can follow its progress here:
Horrible Herman's Warlock Shop Film

Beest has had health problems that for now seem managed.
Billy has also been up and down, and is now going through withdrawal from Lyrica. The down side is the nerve jumps. The upside is he's lost the edema and his blood sugar has steadied. Everything we take has effects. He wants to cut down the number of drugs he takes, as he thinks most do little to nothing anymore and he's spending some $700 a month on scripts. It doesn't look like he'll be moving here. His depression is lifting slowly, but his body is falling apart faster. It's hard to clean out a house you've lived in for 23 years, especially doing it with no help. But he's also stubborn about accepting help. The last time he dumped the motorcycle, in December, he broke his ankle. Refusing to go to the Dr about it, he walked on it for 7 months before it was x-rayed. That, in a nutshell, is my brother.

In 2 months I'll have been in this new abode for a year. I really like it here. The view from my windows is lovely in every season, and I'm looking forward to the Fall with cooler, drier weather (I hope).

Greg Lake's autobio finally published this Summer. Bittersweet and classy, it's quite a read.  

Aside from all that, we're in the penultimate year of the Game of Thrones tv series, and Sunday nights mean gatherings of friends here to eat, drink and yell at the screen. It'll be sad when it's over, but we still have 2 more books to go...

The state of the world is abysmal. Cheeto Von Tweeto is no saner than King Joffrey. The 'Small Folk' suffer, as ever. Be kind, find humor, stay sturdy and full of hope.


only slightly confused said...

Wow...filming in your apartment. How cool and exciting is that. I'm sorry your hands are still giving you trouble. You did very well though with your typing here. Beast is better...that's a wonderful thing. I think your brother is quite right to try to cut down on his drugs. Out here in blogland we have been worrying about you. Sent out a search party. Stevil advised you were alive and well on Facebook. We were all relieved to hear that for sure. A lot of us don't use Facebook so we were missing you. Take care and know that many out here floating around in the ether are thinking of you. Lawless

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

It's soooo good to see a post from you again. You may feel like you have nothing new to say, but trust me, nobody can say those things quite like you can. I mean... Cheeto von Tweeto? Priceless!

I'm sorry to hear your hands are still in revolt. That sucks. On the other hand, having a movie filmed in your apartment definitely does NOT suck. Very cool, kiddo.

I salute your brother for trying to cut down on his meds. I've been doing the same. My doc isn't impressed, but I've successfully weaned myself off of some stuff against her wishes. If I had my way, I wouldn't take ANY of 'em. (Not gonna happen, though.)

Take care. I spend very little time on Facebook, but I always enjoy seeing your posts when I AM there...

Elephant's Child said...

LOVELY to see a post from you even if it is a very mixed bag. Lyrica is a great drug to get off/avoid. I am sorry about your hands, glad about the Beest and awed at filming in your apartment.
You have been missed.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

It is so good to see your post. I can understand about not wanting to type when three fingers have to do the work of five. I am sorry to read about Billy and the problems he is having. Depression is a horrible thing and it is not easy to get out of the deep hole of grief people find themselves in after loss. That is so cool that you are in a film. Please let us know when and where it will be released. Finally, I am so happy that you like and are enjoying your new digs. You had so many problems and anxiety in your former home and your move was not easy. It is wonderful that everything worked out well for you. Take care of yourself, Laura.