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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Playing "Who Said This?"

"We need leaders to speak out forthrightly to end the war ...and for the need to bring our troops home immediately. We also need new leadership to address the critical threat to the loss of our democratic rights and freedoms. Americans' rights are being threatened by our own government who seem to believe they are above the law...

"We need to be a country that adheres to the principles of international law, constitutional rights and humane principles of fairness, honesty and mutual respect. Equal rights for all need to be reinforced and practiced better.

"Corporate-occupied Washington needs to be challenged vigorously by weeding out the influence of money and corporate power and fighting for America’s forgotten lower and middle-classes. Corporate welfare and the corrupting influence of money in American politics needs to cease. Citizens' rights and powers need to be enhanced and protected. Poverty needs to be eliminated and a more equitable system of housing, health care, education and work needs to be implemented...

"... New proposals should include offering a national health plan for all Americans, and that it be offered as a right and not just a privilege of class or employment...

"The arts, athletic and sports activities and culture need to be a more essential part of America as well. The United States also needs to become more self-sufficient in its manufacturing capacity and agricultural production and less dependent on foreign customers. Heavy spending in the defense industry needs to be reduced, especially on high technology planes, tanks, ships and weaponry, while better support of the needs of soldiers during and after their time of service should be a high priority.

"Better and more diplomacy, fairer foreign and economic policies and the elimination of special interest influence should be the guiding principles of our nation. Self-interest actions or policies, at the expense of fairness, honesty and mutual respect and human decency should be a thing of the past."

I posted this elsewhere and the guesses began. Ike? It sounds like him. Early JFK? Nixon?

Nope, it's Brian Moore, the current Socialist Presidential candidate. This is how far we've gone off-path; that a Socialist of today sounds a lot like a Republican President of the 50s astounds me.

Check out Brian Moore at In my state, Obama's a shoe-in. So this election I'm voting for somebody I really like and believe in, and won't have to hold my nose or drink Maalox while voting.

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