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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Questions and Theories

What if a ghost is sometimes simply a time distortion? What if there's some kind of an unknown wavelength that snaps a photo, or briefly bodily transports someone, which/who is witnessed in another time? What if what we call "dissociation" isn't always a psychological state, but sometimes a spontaneous and uncontrolled movement into another dimension? I often find myself reminding people that what we thought we knew 500 years ago is laughable now. And logically, what we think is truth and science now will be primitive in the future.

The problem inherent here is that this can't (yet) be reproduced in empirical tests, so can't be proven by our current standards. We are limited by the constraints of proving what we don't have the capabilities to prove. So this is just a theory.

Just as colors can't ever be satisfactorily explained to one who's never had sight, we are also blind. There is much we look at, attach emotions to, and cannot control, therefore it remains the unknown. I do hope that the race survives long enough to discover some of these mysteries, even harness them. It certainly won't happen in this fearful superstitious phase we're in. But I do hope.

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