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Monday, March 9, 2009


There's a weird Kali kinda feel to this spring already. I know, yeah, it's not spring yet. Look, the clocks were turned ahead so it's spring in my head.

Back to the Kali thing. Lotsa my circle of beings have walked thru minefields the last couple of years. But it seems that all the battle blood was really a sort of sacrifice for good big things coming around now. And in chrono order, too. Not all at once, but in layers or steps, each bit a little better, at a nice pace. Those who've suffered the most and longest are lifting up at last. And this in spite of what's happening in the world and our corner of things. The only common thread I'm seeing is a collective of us all becoming more ourselves. As if luck and sanity came together at once and good stuff results. Who knew?

The strangest thing is that I'm looking forward to what'll happen next and not brooking pessism very well. I sarcastically cracked myself up at a pal's whining last month. In her face. Not pretty. But I've lost patience with the terminal fear crowd.

Fear is so, like, 2008.

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