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Friday, April 3, 2009

Ye Cannae Gae Ais A-rithist

I never know what to expect from April.
So far, this year it's been a hemorrhoid. Miscommunication by authorities who do not take responsibility. Uncharacteristic disorganization on my part. Crazy people getting crazier (though I'm very happy that 2008 swept the hardcore disfunctional nuts out of my life- those left are at least able to wipe their own asses and have been able to since toddlership without yelling for Mommy- a good sign). And death, as usual, still takes the hindmost.
However, what's disappointing is that our dreams of going back to the family seat are over. The memorial judgment my cousin sent says that while the court recognizes the fraud committed and sees reason for all the grievance, it's too long ago (well, that was for good reason-we didn't know we were being ripped off when it happened) and basically fuck us for calling. We're entitled to our titles and matriculation, but that's it. If I ever meet a Mitchell-Innes, I feel for them. We figured out cousin Jack is our Clan Chief, and he'll get the baroncy arms. We'll all matriculate from there on.
So that's over and I can put that dream away. Kinda sad, but it was always the family legend and the history that mattered. It's damn good to know my forebears were right, not deluded and not grasping for something that wasn't ours to claim. It's just too damn late.
In other important things, Gay Marriage is just a hair away from happening in Vermont. I'm always proud of this place but I choke up to think we've finally gotten this far against such prejudice and out of state pressure by big monied bigots. Some of the Legislature members gave heartbreakingly honest speeches. Wish I could send them all flowers. Of all things, Iowa's SC made it legal today. One state at a time, sweet Jesus....
And still, Uncle Glenn's estate drags on. Who knows what will happen with that? The RE market is pretty dead; houses are selling for half the price they were. I ain't "living for dead men's shoes" but it's been a year and 3 months and nothing? Right now I can't afford the lawyer to lean on his lawyer. But I'll be calling and asking on Monday, "Hey, Cosmo, WTF?"

And then there's Mr. Right. But he's a subject for another day. Nice to find someone not entirely insane in this town, this world, these days. :)

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