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Monday, May 11, 2009

Waiting Worried

The Daily News, my "hometown paper", has reported that 5 US soldiers were killed and another 3 wounded by a fellow soldier in Baghdad's Camp Liberty. This is a major invasion post and also where the soldier I have as a Soldier's Angel, lives. At least I hope he's still alive.

His name is Devin, and I just got my first letter from him, though I've been sending cards and letters and packages since last October. The letter's date is November 2008...and I wonder if he's ever received what I've sent. A friend has told me that her family members haven't received some of the Care Packages they've sent. Which pisses me off no end. Who steals these packages? Is anyone paying attention to this? Where do you even complain about it? The PO says they can't track them once they get to the APO address.

But back to the issue at hand. The military hasn't yet named who was killed or wounded, nor the killer. As Camp Liberty is a big base, I can imagine so many people across the US, including me now, are anxiously awaiting news that their soldier isn't one of the dead. Or, God forbid, the shooter. But all we can do is wait and hope. Devin's due to come home in June. I don't know any of his family or even the town he's from, but my thoughts are with them and him today. I'll update when I hear anything.

It took a few days, while the world got to hear everything but what the shooter's fave beer is, to get the names of the victims. While I'm relieved that Devin wasn't listed, I'm sickened at the whole ordeal.

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