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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Busy Days!

The last week has been so busy I've had no block of time to blog. A few thoughts that I want to throw out there until I have time to write proper holding-forths.

Eisegesis runs rampant, particularly among those who don't know what that means. Or its ramifications. Combined with modern day evangelism, it's the worst of times for anyone who holds a thought on religion.

Michael Savage banned from Britain. Now if we could only do it here in the states.

The US population has become indescribably stupid and ignorant. The more I interact with people, or read discussions online, the worse it appears. No wonder we get no respect.

Foreign newspapers/sites are addictive.

We are already past a third into 2009, soon to be halfway. How is that even possible?

Everyone around me is losing their minds over something or other.

It's May 9th and we've had Summer weather for 3 weeks. The first real thunderstorm rolled thru here tonight. As usual for this town, it neither cleared the air nor cooled us down. I need to start looking around for a dryer, cooler climate. If any are left.

Meantime, thank God for small favors, sleep and all forms of escapism.


MoonRaven said...

Okay--I had no idea what 'Eisegesis' meant. (So, of course, I looked it up.) Useful to know although I am hardly going to be guilty of it, since I'm more interested in figuring out how to get through the day than what it says in the bible.

It's good to hear that the town is getting some fairly decent weather--really, do you want winter all year? I understand that cooler, dryer air is moving into New England this week. (In fact, I've been worrying that we haven't had enough rain in Boston--I'm gardening this year and already fretting about whether there will be enough water.)

And I try to avoid escapism when I can--of course, I have watched every trailer and read every review I could find of the new Star Trek movie...

Austan said...

Well, it'd be nice to have a Spring between....:)

Thankfully, it's been cooler and the sun is out today. While you're dry in Boston we've been waterlogged. Maybe we should do some weather trading!

I'm not big on movies, but I'm really glad I learned to read. The Canterbury Tales are so much better read as an adult; they meant little to me but entertainment as a HS kid. To each their own escape, hence the gratitude for them. How is the new Star Trek movie????

xteeth said...

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