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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Damn Hot & Death Watch

This is ridiculous. Yesterday was Beltane and today it's 88' F. My household thermometer is at the top and not moving, and neither am I. It's so hot in here I've a headache. Time to clean out the AC and have it ready.

My ill brother's wife called last night to let me know he's in the hospital. Seems he's been repeating 1969 by nodding out after taking huge amounts of pills. She had to quit her job because of his erratic (read "fucked up on pills he steals from anyone he can") behaviors. She's afraid he'll burn the house down. On entering the ER he told the nurse he was ready to die. He's also desperately trying to control what goes on after he dies. It's all bad. He'll be an addict to the end.

Today he called to say he'd signed himself outta the hospital because he's not leaving debt when he dies. Great country, America. Live a bit longer if you have the bucks, but go home and die if you don't.

I tried reasoning, but he's beyond reason. He has Medicare. my stepfather did, too, and there was no bill after his death.. I can only do so much. It's become another death watch.


MoonRaven said...

What a rough way to go. And really rough on you as you have to watch it all.

Much love as you go through all of this--and a wish for nicer weather, too.

Austan said...

Moony, you're good friend to have. I'm really grateful you're in my life.

It's worst on my sis-in-law. He's the love of her life and she has to live with this. It's for her I'm really worried.