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Monday, April 26, 2010

Out of Aries and into Tsuris

I had a nice birthday. Thru much end-of-Aries- into-Tsuris dramas and the general chaos we live in these days, I spent some good times with people who mean a lot to me. There were surprises too- greetings from a local LEO; a Royle Family style "biscuit tin"; presents from some whose lives are in huge upheaval; a dog afraid of balloons; a beautiful rendition of the birthday song from my very ill brother; many ecards and real cards; useful presents; a long note from family I haven't heard from in a while; an expelling of wind (as Mrs. Burke used to say) that was not only announced beforehand, but quite pronounced; and phone calls from all over. What cracks me up is those who are now permanently off the date by one day. I like that. It makes my birthday last for 3 days and it's good to have it spread out. I'll never complain and never inform them they're off date, either. I like it this way.

There was good opportunity to learn, too. The silliest fight arose from something underlying that I had no idea I have trouble expressing. Here I thought I knew myself so well.

And so I live to learn and laugh as the hair grays. Thanks to everyone who was a part of it.


MoonRaven said...

Happy Birthday!

Sorry, I missed it whenever it was...

Austan said...

Thanks! I leave it nebulously at the end of the twenties of April. ;

Joe said...

Happy Birthday! The older you are the longer the celebration of that great day we had many years ago! Enjoy your New Year! Hope to see you at a Peace Rally again soon! I just received my 35 year pin for being on Magic Mountain all on the Night Shift! Joe