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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Undying Love for Greg Lake

My friend Camilla played some great power rock on her show today. Prog rock was my thing, back in the day. Yes, Floyd and ELP at the top for me. I went to their concerts (stories there, boy!), memorized their music, followed the artists who designed their albums. Oh, I loved all the hard rockers- but for sheer voice, Greg Lake made me breathless. Today, during Cam's show, it happened again.

Dunno what the hell it is about the guy. Sure, he was insanely beautiful in youth.......

Not quite so much 20 years later:

But Jesus Christ Almighty Mother of God.
He has a voice I'd hope angels sound like.

ELP got back together this summer for a few gigs. I couldn't go. I wouldn't trust myself near Greg Lake. Someone would end up dead, I just know it. Probably me. The only safe way I could be anywhere near him is on my deathbed. And should it ever come to that, I hope someone brings him to me so I can kiss him once and die happy.

For your entertainment, here is a five-part ELP doc, this being part one:

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