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Sunday, December 26, 2010

And Those Songs of Christmastime

What the Hell was I thinking, to make plans on Boxing Day after this past week? I'm crazy or stupid or both. Stevil's eggnog always kicks my ass the next day. It's a tradition. The tradition continues. My head's caved in.

Well, before Chels gets here, I just wanted to throw some threads off the net about Christmas music. Firstly, is a good article from the Guardian (what a surprise, eh?):

And a thread from a local website:

For the iBratt article you'll need to scroll up to read the story; I'm just too much of a mess to go thru the whole deal.

Coffee and shower haven't helped; I fear hair of the dog is required. Yeesh.

Also, I have to say the Christmas satiation point has been reached; I now have 4 books that I'm dying to read along with a curious magazine. If I don't blog for a week you'll know what I'm doing.

And one last thing; here's The Most Christmas-sy, non-holiday story that says what the whole deal and the rest of life, would be like, if we will all Be Actively Nice:

Well, another last thing if the above doesn't get your ass moving to help someone else there's a bunch of stuff to inspire even the most self-centered:


sdt said...

Stevil's eggnog kicked Stevil in the ass, too. Usually it doesn't bother him. But he had a next day hangover, an inability to make his eyes focus, etc. It was a job well done. Changing from Bourbon to Whisky, you don't feel it right away and think you can drink more...

Austan said...

And it tastes so good! It's a good idea at the time...