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Saturday, April 2, 2016

"Don't 'Darling' Me, Darling.... have a face like a cat's ass." A popular saying years ago. It's April, 2016. This whole year so far has been a cat's ass, literally and figuratively.

Firstly, Beest's own cat ass. For 2 weeks, getting better. Changed foods, kept up with the pumpkin. She let out some WMD bombs, but no issues. Then yesterday she dripped a little watery blood. Today she's straining like she's giving birth and splotting. There was ass art on the kitchen floor this morning. WTF. The vet says it's the anal glands again, so keep her watered, give soft and wet small bits of food (basically she has to eat the way I eat). I've probably been letting her eat too much this past week. Hasn't lost her appetite, she's just wickedly constipated and obsessed with it, as well. Give it til Monday, then we'll see. From what I gleaned in the online cat forums (I know), Torties seem to have this more often than other kitties. There's no figuring it out. It may last a few weeks or even months, then it'll just stop, and nobody ever knows what caused it. Meanwhile, poor Beest. She's a dramatic cat in regular days, this is putting her in overdrive. Torties are particular little weirdos. I just want her back to normal. She's laying here on her desk shelf staring out the window into the darkness of The Shire night. And there she goes, back to the litter box. It's gonna be a long night.

The cat's ass face comes out every time I monitor pages for groups on Facebook. It becomes a barrage of info, half of it false, and little of it good. I'm so disgusted with the Billary machine and the entire shameful spectacle of this election cycle. How have we come this lowdown? Does anyone else see how rotten we look to the rest of the world? Take all that, then add monitoring Facebook discourse, which is too often little better than Jerry Springer. Not the best view of humanity. Doesn't help my guts issue either. As much as I love Bernie and would work 24/7 to see him elected, I can't keep this up. It's affecting my health. Other people need to step up. I'll continue to support him, send my $10 a month, talk to people about him, find other ways to help, even do some social media promos. But being Hall Monitor for so many intense and vicious adults is too stressful. I'm living on Tums, like I did in prep school. But I'm not 16 anymore.

Keith Emerson was laid to rest beside his mother in England. There's something sweet to that, still.
  Farewell, Fingers.

Saw this parody of the "Don't Fear the Reaper" lyrics about this year:
"Had it up to here with the Reaper,
Kinda wish he'd give it a rest.
Come on, Reaper, don't be an asshole,
Reaper, don't be a douche, don't take our heroes,
Take the afternoon off, don't be too eager,
Try to chill the heck out!"

Yeah, Reaper, you've gotta have some earned time owed.

Meanwhile, I became a Reverend of Dudeism.

There is really good stuff going on, My nephew and niece bought a house they love thanks to my sis-in-law. They're painting and fixing and very happy. Carrieboo (remember her?) is also settling into a new home way out west in BC. Silly Billy got to the bank and refinanced despite dumping his bike on his left leg twice in one week. He's a tough old bird. He'll be getting the house resided this Summer, and new countertops. He'll be up here next month. The rest of the clan is plodding along, best they can. The weather's been Spring for months now, but we have a threat of snow tomorrow. I don't know if it's been this screwy before, but this is screwy. However, everyone's enjoying having no Winter. How nice for them.

And in the Distraction from Anything Meaningful Dept: Having finally made it thru the end of the 5th year of "The Walking Dead" on Netflix, I'm dying for the 6th. "Supernatural" ends its 11th year this week. And they said it wouldn't last! Also for a 6th year, "Game of Thrones" recommences in 4 weeks, and I'll be watching this time, finally. HBO made a deal with Roku, and so I can circumvent cable altogether and have HBO for $15 a month. Considering I have all of Netflix for less than $9 a month it's no bargain, but HBO's series are good. It's the $15 a month I used to spend on tobacco. Bring on the White Walkers!

I hope everyone is having lovely Spring and Autumn holidays in whatever tradition you choose. This year is rushing on, with 3 months gone already, and so many going with it.
Peace, fellow babies, and love the one you're with. :)


Elephant's Child said...

You are at least a Bishop of Dudeism.

Geo. said...

This is a strange election year indeed, Reverend. I've not got onto FB yet so I haven't followed the strange enthusiasms --Springerisms"-- posted there. But you bring news of Carrieboo! Oh, how I miss her. Thank you for that. Is she ok? Last I read, she was suffering and in pain --fibromyalgia. Hope all goes well with Beest too.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Say hi to Carrieboo for me. I hope she is doing better.

Bernie is a very good man, probably too good. This whole election process is a horror show. The UK is probably glad they lost the revolution in 1776.

So will you be performing marriages in the near future? I hear Druids know how to throw a good party.

Have you tried Malox on the Beest. Poor baby, we have all had those problems at some time.

Austan said...

EC- That's one of the nicest things anyone's ever said to me. Thank you! :)

Austan said...

Geo- Our Carrieboo is writing up a storm! She's in all sorts of anthologies (Look up Carrie Martin author on Amazon). She's still dealing with fibro, but it doesn't stop her. And Roz is so big!!!

Beest is fine today. This is going to give me the breakdown I've been longing for. ;)

Austan said...

Arleen- Carrieboo will likely see this, as she does come by now and then.

Beest's her old self again today, thanks. Back to eat, annoy me, sleep. eat, drop a bomb, annoy me, repeat.

It really is a horror show. Then we have the incongruous goodness of Bernie. It'd make great fiction, but not so good as reality.

I can legally do marriages in 2 religious persuasions. And neither has any dogma, so it's whatever! I've only married one couple, that was many moons ago in NYC.