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Monday, April 25, 2016

Rusty Springs

Between the awful news, shocking deaths, natural disasters and general hi-dee-ho of life in these United States these days, there is life. Spring is sprung, the flowers are popping, leaves grow by the hour, things are smelly. Beauty and stink often go together.

Today I finished 57 years of living. For better or worse I'm still here, I'm still having fun and making mistakes, doing great and lousy things, learning and laughing. I have good friends. I have nice acquaintances who work with me in causes. The day was full of good wishes via phone, email, Facebook, real mail and in person. I heard from people on 4 continents today- that's a miracle of modern science. Frank Zappa's sister sent me birthday wishes and so did many people I've known for decades or just a few weeks. What a blessing to be able to chat and get to know people you'd never be able to meet in the flesh otherwise, and find and stay in touch with those you'd thought were gone from your life.

Being at the docs lately, I've been impressed at the Star Trekish gadgets they have now. A wheel run across your forehead tells your temp. A little clothespin tells your pulse and oxygen level. The tech advances in all areas, new faster ways to do all the old things. But they still can't make a diagnosis.

So what if I'm not healthy and wealthy? Those are both great things to have, but life goes on without them. Life has pain, and heartbreak, and scary times for everyone. Life also has joy, and growth, and opportunities to be brave, to be kind, to learn. Anyone can enter or exit your life without warning. Any day can change everything. So can how you look at things. 

Years ago when I was on the night shift in the Meat Dept., the guy who did the tattoo on my upper right arm came thru at dinner time. He'd just had a 2nd baby born and money was tight. I was culling the meat cases for what was going off code and gave him a couple kielbasa on their last day. No big deal. Just offhandedly, I said, "Us poor folk gotta stick together." And he said, "You're rich in what really matters." He was right.



Geo. said...

Your positive message is well-received and much needed here. Thank you beautiful Austan. And Happy birthday.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

What a perfect post for your birthday. Some days, we just survive, other days we witness all the joy that surrounds us. To have friends and be loved is the simplest and greatest gift of life. Happy Birthday, dear Laura, and may today hold only good things for you.

MoonRaven said...

Happy Birthday, Laura!

I'm sorry things have been so rough but you seem to be rolling with the changes.

I like your last line. You are rich in what really matters.

Munir said...

Happy birthday. I know life is a mix of hard days and rough days. I am so glad that you are happy and appreciate the good wishes of people near and far alike.

klahanie said...

Hi Laura,

The promise of the rebirth that is spring, does fill me with hope for that hoped for better future for the sake of this fragile planet.

You are truly rich in spirit, my kind friend. Your birthday was a blessing and a shared gift from around the world.

Here's to that peaceful battle where the Bernie Sanders' and the Jeremy Corbyn's of this world, show there is an alternative to the evil that suppresses the most vulnerable is society.

All the best, Laura.