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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Another BMW Post

That's bitch-moan-whine for the unfamiliar.

It's been 10 days of Hell.

Today's big news: The new place will be finished, painted and ready on Friday. So I'm moving next week. Butch, the mover, will be here at an unknown time on Friday to start packing me. I know nothing about the new place except its address and that it's HA. As ever, I'm a mushroom. Kept in the dark, covered with shit.

The Medicaid evaluator came to determine if I can get more home help last Tuesday. He put me thru shit and asked demeaning questions, and today I learned he denied me anything more. It's been 5 weeks since I could get in my tub to shower. I can't stand alone at all, much less on one leg. My right hand doesn't grip well and it's numb. But that doesn't qualify for help? This I was told by another Medicaid guy, when I called to change my address. I don't know why he denied me, haven't gotten the letter. Another fight to face. Right now I got nothing to fight with.

Billy got me a new wheelchair, which is fantastic. I'll be able to use it in the new place. This place is too small for a wheelchair, and right now I'm sitting on the walker pushing myself with my feet to get from room to room. We've had a go-round today with the people who sold him the wrong cushion and speak almost no English, so he just ordered from another place and it should be here Friday.

No important online sites would let me change my address the easy way today, either. So the PO will get a card and 8 days' notice to forward my mail. I'll deal with SS and the rest by phone tomorrow. There's just so much I can take. Comcast and the phone company will be a nightmare, I expect.

The new neighbors finally finished moving into Gerry's apartment yesterday. They're an older couple, and seem ok except for their constantly yapping dog. If I could wave a magic wand and be out of here right this minute, it'd be good. Or fall into a coma until this is over.

And yesterday was MaryEllen's birthday. God, I miss her.
I hate this year.


only slightly confused said...

My heart goes out to you Laura. Things have just GOT to get better.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Oh my, Laura, I wish I could help. You sound so defeated and frustrated by all the bad goings on. I hope when you are in your new home, things will come together and life will be better.

Geo. said...

Laura, be kind and careful with yourself. Things, as you describe them, are stubbornly assuming some sense of order. It's a process I'm unhappily familiar with. Just take extra care of yourself and don't fall or get hurt --you're important to me!

Elephant's Child said...

My heart aches for and with you.
This too will pass.
And I am so happy that you have a wonderful new wheelchair to use in the new place.

Austan said...

Thank you, you guys are sometimes the biggest reassurance I have. I love you for always being here, thru the years. <3