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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Not So Bad Once You're Up!

Well, the movers came to do the bulk of the move today. They're all good hardworking pros, and I'm only a bit jittery now. The essentials for the next 2 days are here and then Friday morning we're out of here lock stock and barrel.

I have to say, Butch and his crew have made this much less stressful than I'd feared it would be. In four hours they packed and moved all but the bedroom and kitchen necessities. Big sigh.

Beest was okay in the carrier today, watching the whirl of activity, perched on my walker. She's kind of freaked at the emptiness of the place, and actually so am I. But we'll be out soon enough.

On Friday, Paul, the Grotkes, Dora and Tina will help with whatever needs doing beyond what the movers do. I'm humbled and grateful to have such good friends- some of whom have been thru every move in the past 10 years with me, including the 2 Irene moves in and out and back again to The Shire.

The new place has a roll-in shower and is bigger than this old Hobbit hole of mine along the Brandywine. Paul ran over and made a sketch of the floorplan and measured things like doorways and the bathroom. There should be no trouble with my wheelchair. I may have room for a table and chairs, we'll see. There's no back door like here, but the same number of windows, and the kitchen windows look out on a backyard of hedges and trees. It'll be pretty in the snow. I think this will be alright after all. Huge sigh.

Just as well, cuz the new neighbors that took the Old Bitty Who Died's apartment are awful. And I'm getting out before all the confusion of the 50-some odd moves that have to happen here in the next 3 months.

I'll write a recommendation for Butch's Moving so those after me aren't so apprehensive. We're all in good hands, and even though it's scary, sad, and a huge upheaval to move, at least knowing the people doing the hard work are pros helps ease the anxiety.

Thank you all for listening to my freak outs, low points and fears. I love my blog family.

On to Rivendell and new adventures!



Elephant's Child said...

Happy new adventures - for you and for the Beest.
And cyber hugs.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

New adventures are often good for the heart, soul, and mind. May your new life in Rivendell be comfortable and good. The picture of it looks lovely.

Geo. said...

Moving is among the most stressful of activities and I'm glad to learn Butch's Moving is considerate. Big sigh indeed! And yes, new adventures.

only slightly confused said...

Thank goodness something sounds a little more hopeful for you laura. You deserve a positive break. That roll in shower sounds awesome and a little more space never hurt anyone. I've been thinking of you ever since your last post and worrying about how you were going to manage. Sounds like things are starting to come together... It always makes a move more bearable when things at the home front start to go South.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Let's hope this new place will be home for you for a long time. It sounds like it has a lot going for it.

I'll be looking forward to your email... :)