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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

New Place, New Year, New Plan

The upheavals and noise therefrom are quieting down. Curtains are up, some art and photos too. Here I'll be for as long as possible. The move took me down and I'm still recovering (I've been walking some the last few days), and as annoying as the nerve pain is the frustration. I don't let myself think about losses anymore; it's too painful. But not having a working right hand when you're right-handed is a study in zen frustration.

So here come the holidays at 80 MPH. Fine. I'll just not go to Jersey, maybe Billy can come here. He's coming up on Tuesday for Thanksgiving. And I'm not cooking, for the first time since 1992. Before that year, I'd done it since 1976. This year it's impossible, I can't even hold a knife and I'm not so stupid as to try it lefty. Instead, a chef friend recommended a chef he knows at a local restaurant that sometimes did the whole deal, and I called. At first he wasn't sure, but 2 days later he was. Even though I'm a woman, I'm a retired chef, and the whitecoats stick together. So Billy and I will both have a treat and no huge mess.

Finally realizing that this sofa is no place for a Senior Citizen, Billy will be staying at the nearby hotel. This will lighten the mood too.

For my own well-being, I'm stepping back from politics. Whatever happens now, I can't do much. I gave this election all my guts for two candidates. One won, one lost. Dave Zuckerman is our LT Gov, and a good guy. Bernie, well, I can't talk, I'll start crying. I need rest from the political scene and stupidity before I begin to hate it all and never do it again.

When the year turns, I hope to be settled in here enough, and well enough, to tear into the Beest book. I'm writing that thing if it kills me, and it might.

This is slowly becoming home, as things find their places. Curtains and art on the walls go a long way toward filling the blanks. The Tannenbaum has a selected place already, and the decorations are at last all in one area. Paul stuck the silk pine boughs around the double windows yesterday. Winter is coming.

So yeah, so much new is a scary deal. Who knows how anything will go anymore; the world is nuts and we've followed the UK to the skirting of fascism. Austerity measures will be next. Oh I can't go there...

Make yourself happy. Or somebody else, make happy. Just make happy all over the damn place.


Elephant's Child said...

I am so glad to hear that your new residence is becoming home.
And yay for Thanksgiving meals prepared for you.
In this scary world we need all the pluses we can find.

MoonRaven said...

I'm also glad you're creating home. And I think that you are creating a good attitude. Let's make happy and give thanks for what we have.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I am glad to hear that your new place is becoming your home, Laura Curtains make it official. Have a good Thanksgiving with your brother. Families need to hold each other even more closely now.

only slightly confused said...

You are a sensible girl to try to avoid stress by having the meal delivered, your brother sta y at a hotel/motel and to not fixate on the losses. All these things are easier said than done and you are doing them. That takes guts.....something you have plenty of. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and the holiday season.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

I'm glad to hear you're settling into your new place and turning it into a real home. It's great that you won't have to prepare the Thanksgiving feast, too. The first year one of my kids said he wanted to do the honors, I felt a little put-out, but not for long. For the past ten years or so, my only "job" has been to play with grandchildren while the kids do all the work. I LIKE it! They won't even let me help with the dishes. (oh darn!) Enjoy your visit with your brother. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Geo. said...

Again, I'm in awe of you, Laura --your strength has such wisdom in it. Wish what's left of mine did. Maybe it will as my mind grows back. Yes, I overdid on Tuesday working on the bathroom subfloor and plumbing ahead of the holidays. It took my thoughts off the election but got me an ambulance ride at 1 a.m. (wheee!). I'm ok and wiser now --learning to pace oneself is no easy proposition. Sure appreciate your posts about the importance of organizing sensibly. My bathroom functions now but I wouldn't award it more than a C-minus. Ways to go yet, so don't stop teaching.

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

After a couple of years away, I'm sorry to hear that your health hasn't improved.
If I believed in Karma, you must have been very naughty earlier in your life.