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Thursday, December 8, 2016

2016, You Bastard, now Greg too?

I've seen some rotten years before but in sheer numbers of shit hitting fans, baseball bats to the head shocks, and deaths, nothing tops this year.

Not 2 weeks ago, my mother's best friend Rose died in her sleep. OK, she was 84 and had a great life. It hurt, but it wasn't unexpected and if you have to go, that wasn't a bad way.

But today I woke up to the news that Greg Lake died last night. He'd had cancer. He was 69.

Everyone who's read this blog knows Greg is/was/will always be my music man. His writing, his voice, his guitar and bass playing are part of me. Almost 5 years ago I finally met the man, and was too flabbergasted to speak coherently. I did manage to get his autograph on my arm and had it tattooed. It took me 40 years to meet him. And I'm even more grateful now that I did, because it was his swan song tour.

This damnable year has taken so many and so much away from us. It can't be over soon enough.
And this song is apt, for the whole shebang.

Goodbye, Greg.


Elephant's Child said...


Definitely annus horribilis.

only slightly confused said...

Oh Laura...I'm so sorry to hear this. I know how special Greg and his music were to you.

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

Into each life a little sadness must fall.

MoonRaven said...

So sorry to hear this. First Keith and now Greg.

Geo. said...

World has indeed lost treasures this year --their gifts accompany us into the future. Good thing too.

Austan said...

xoxoxoxoxoxo to you guys.