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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Just Holy Shit

Well. Here we are, countless Executive (un-democratic) Orders later. I want to shove every single thing the Neocons made a huge deal about in Obama's 8 years down their throats and then cram everything Trump has already done behind it. It's getting hard to tolerate my Trump voter friends, as they show their ignorance 24/7. One, a guy I've known, laughed, and grieved with for years, claimed they were wearing vagina hats at the DC Women's March, and said, "is this what our nation's come to?" I lol'd and explained the reality- they were pink hats with  cat ears- "pussy hats, get it?" Then I said I guess he didn't watch it, in hopes of driving home the point that he believes what he hears and wants to hear. I'm afraid I've lost that friend.

These are heavy damn times. Today a friend came over to watch a dvd set of the '76-'77 year of Saturday Night Live I just bought. The originals, the Not Ready For Prime Time Players. What happens? the DVD player dies. A micro of the macro. Nothing can be counted as safe or sure now. We have a dangerous, flippant businessman in the White House. Though I still can't seem to accept that in my brain, it's true. The Donald, that sonofabitchbastard NYC 70s real estate chiseler, is in The Chair. Jesus H. Christ we're fucked.

Thank you, DNC. I hate you more than ever.

I have no ideas. In the past I've found that when you get past the place of no ideas, good ideas and actions happen. But you can't hurry the place of no ideas being over, it just has to happen on its own. So here I am, in the no idea place. I hate waiting. 

It's also frustrating to understand the ignorance of the righties. I was raised a Republican, my Uncle knew Barry Goldwater and my Nana was called "the Republican BattleAxe" by the Brooklyn Eagle. The Republican party was different then. For a bit on Nana, here:
I Miss Nana
The left isn't left anymore and the right is beyond right now.
Maybe I won't live to see the pendulum make it back to where I like it, gently swaying from one side to the other, with reasonable people recognising not everyone is just like them, and they're not perfect anyway...
This is another fine mess.


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

There is nothing fine about this mess. These are very sad and dangerous times.

Geo. said...

There's still a shortage of data. What Mr. Trump has demonstrated so far is clumsy drama calculated to inconvenience large groups of people. Most of it hasn't the staying power of policy. It's just highly provocative while presented as defensive --intended, it seems, only to cause its targets to strike through channels of legality and civil disobedience. This gives the administration dubious license to strike back. Playground bully stuff. Playground bullies don't throw the 1st blow. They goad their weaker victims into doing that, clobber them and then say their hands were forced. Laura, I suspect Trump's own party will act as yard duty by and by, make him sit on the playground bench until he learns to behave.

only slightly confused said...

He's got the entire planet in an uproar. It's a sad state of affairs for sure. I think even some Trump supporters are being to second guess themselves. I hope so anyway.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Yep, quite an accomplishment. Only two weeks in office, and our new prez already has people demonstrating in the streets ALL OVER THE WORLD. Geez, I hope Geo is right, and the rest of the GOP get him under control, and pronto. (On the plus side, I foresee a return to a Dem majority in Congress in two years.)

I loved your post about your Nana. As I read it, I was thinking about how to comment on it, and I already had. So, I'll just say ditto. The sentiments haven't changed since you first posted that piece.

Take care, kiddo.