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Thursday, February 2, 2017

It Can Happen Here

Things are scary over here in the US. We have a crazy person in the White House and he's appointing awful rat bastards to important jobs that can affect us all. He's treading all over rights and people, and ignoring or sidestepping the Constitution. This is really happening, and I'm nearly as horrified on the inside as Rosemary when she screams that. On the outside I'm an old fat white bitch in a wheelchair with one raised eyebrow.

Yes, it can happen here. The question is, what should we be doing right now?

And to chase some nerves off, and bring back a smile- via CarrieBoo:



only slightly confused said...

His affect is being felt planet wide. Here in peaceful old Canada our eyebrows are raised as well. Good question...what should we be doing?

Austan said...

I'm still in the no ideas place. But I can feel the creeping fascism.

Geo. said...

I don't know what we should be doing now, Laura. But I have this strange feeling that we'll be trying to immigrate to saner countries like Canada or Mexico in a few years. Trump is an embarrassment --it's almost like a super-power. Can he fly or just creep at super-speed?

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Much is being done, and thankfully the young people (women) are in the forefront of it. They are organizing, planning strategy, and at the doors of those congressmen and senators who are going along with #45. Just give them a chance. They will surprise you. There are good people out there that will not give up on their country and are fighting back intelligently and with purpose. Get on the Women's March FB page for your area and see what your neighbors are up to.

Austan said...

Geo- We looked into Canada. They don't want retirees. They want young folks with work skills. I'm considering making a personal appeal to Justin Trudeau. :)

Austan said...

Arleen- I have all faith in the younguns. Our 9 year-old Lila is a Feminist and wants to be an activist when she grows up. We are just beginning to organize. I'm with the Women's March pages. And I'm laying facts everywhere. These things need repeating continuously. It's the onlky way people accept info anymore. A result of the hi-info era? I don't know. Educating is a slow process but it's what works.