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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the blogspot deal

I haven't found how to change the date of my posts yet. As a result, the long pieces, such as the one I just posted about Herman Slater, go in order from the first date I started them. Though I may finish them in April, they may end up a February post. So please take a look back at the list of posts to your right. There are new posts going into prior months. I'll be correcting this, as from here on I'll write elsewhere and post the finished product as the latest. Thanks and sorry. The Herman piece is dated February 23, though I just published it. It's all new to me....


MoonRaven said...

Hi--you don't need to post this.

Suggestion--use 'Edit Posts', click on the post you want to change, at the bottom of the box your stuff is written in the phrase Post Options is written in blue and underlined. Click on it. A box will open below. On the right are boxes labeled 'Post date and time'. Change the date in the box (you can change the time, too, if you want to) and hit PUBLISH POST.

That should do it. Email me and let me know if it worked and if you have any questions.

Austan said...

Had to post, it's informative! Thanks! I'll try it with the next long article, which should be posted next week. Will let you know how I screw up if I do... :)