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Friday, April 23, 2010

David Mitchell

I love wittty folk. They're becoming a rare species. Back in the 70s and 80s I knew many wits whose banter and light sarcasm, sharp puns and quick thinking could take down giants and raise the meek. These days I know 2 or three truly witty people (I'm not one) and hold them dear.

Since addictively watching QI (a BBC TV panel-comedy show about history & other dry subjects) , a number of celebrity wits have brightened my days. There are a variety of guests on the panels. Some are very funny but not especially learned, some learned but painfully not funny. Some are simply charming and silly. But my favorites are the ranters, who take a bit of info or a statement made, and run hilariously rampant. And among the ranters, nobody tickles me more than David Mitchell.

Mitchell is a perennial QI panelist, has a BBC radio program, tv shows, guest hosts and appears on most British game and quiz shows and has a youtube channel called David Mitchell Soapbox. Though I don't usually like to shill for advertisement-sponsored YT channels, I'll make an exception here. Especially since coming across this timely (to me) rant:

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