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Friday, April 9, 2010

For My Framily

At this point in my life, so many people have stayed in my life for a long time, and they're beyond friends, they're framily.

And vice versa, kinda.

This past week has been grayhair-making. But my framily has "put the wagons in a circle", as one said. Some with all they could give, in humor. Or a heartfelt email. Some by putting all their shit to the side to listen to me. But every spoke on every wheel counts. The quasi-black humor helps a lot. The sincere affection and care that poured out from those I finally learned to trust and turn to blew me away. We've all grown up enough together to know what not to do or say to each other. I'm proud of us. I'm proud to have framily like this.

I'm humbled, I'm happy, I'm touched (yeah, yeah). Thanks, and I love you all.

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