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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Everybody Panic!

Too many things are happening to recount right now- hope to get back on the weekend & do that.

That's one reason people are flipping out these days; there's too much going on & you don't get to catch your breath, much less process, before something else goes on.

Halloween is just 3 1/2 days away. I'm not ready- my home is a shamble of boxes and things getting ready for pick up by people who are disorganized. Dammit. I can't even find the decorations!

Entertainment is fab at this time of year. Many TV channels are competing for top scary stuff viewership. AMC has been running a great assortment of movies, the Travel channel has the annoying but compelling Ghost Adventurers on day and night, even the Animal channel runs hauntings that have a dog or cat in the story. My kind of television. So this year, that's how I'm celebrating- watching as much paranormal, horror and silly Halloween broadcasting as possible. When I'm not talking someone off the edge.

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