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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

No Justice and No Peace

There is damn little good to say these days. I helplessly watch while people I love suffer. Terrible things happen, injustices abound, good people who try are pushed to the edge. A man I admire had a small meltdown in front of me yesterday. He's a very good man in a very lousy world. A very lousy man (he's a neocon, as if that's a surprise) is smearing another good man to gain a political seat. Too many people have no morality, yet scream they do. Perhaps we should suspect the screamers....

Really, I haven't a clue, a penny or the strength to do more than hang on right now.

It doesn't help that there is never quiet at this building. This is the time of year that you must leave your windows open in order to breathe. From 8 a.m. til 2 a.m. there is noise. Generators, drills, jackhammers, trucks and car alarms all day, rowdy drunks all night. I might as well be back in NYC.

And so I retreat into music and writing. Can't work on my book- I haven't the concentration, my nerves are shot. But I blog and journalize, which help keep me grounded. And thank the God/desses of music, for an outlet. Everyone, just hang on.

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