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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Conductor, Where Does This Train End?

We are chugging somewhere. While the politicians fight over how best to ruin the lives of the people, those of us who still think do what we do.

Many of the thinking that I know are on a meta-psychi-physic trail right now. Who knows where that'll go.

Herman Slater told me to keep an eye on the political and spiritual movements as they are where the future gets molded. I don't know if that applies anymore.

Lately, I've found comedians to be kind of the prophets and leaders we have in history. People who pointed out truths and held mirrors up to power. Are we too fearful to discuss these things without humor? Have we become so ignorant that it's the only way to instruct? The biggest laughs of my life came from horrible personal disasters. Is it inherent in humans to seek comedy when terrified?

And where has the violence of the Teabaggers come from? They've been assaulting those who don't agree with them...and their videoheads cheer it on. Have they gone nuts?

I see fascism ahead. It worries me.

I just want to adda link to a last-year post:


Anonymous said...

Hey, this is actually pretty good. I think you're right about the "teabaggers" thing. A lot of people are going crazy about them. I cant really watch the news without something about them being mentioned. Mainly its Bristol Palin. Keep this up!

Austan said...

Thanks. I tried to msg you but Google's hemorrhiodal today. I only get deep &/or political here when the mood strikes. I do a lot og htat elsewhere.

Austan said...

And don't often read what I type, either. I edit other people's stuff and forget to do my own.