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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Footsoldiers of the Rich

What the hell is the rightie tightie wing whining about today? About their own Teabagging -militant protesting over taxes that the six figured haven't paid since Kennedy's Presidency.

I say, " Oh Christ... tough shit and grow up the 80s are over." I want to ask the numbnuts out there yelling their taxes are going to the Welfare Queens (they're the US redneck version of Leprechauns, except Welfare Queens don't really exist): "How much are your new taxes costing you?" Because unless those were all doctors, lawyers and others whose initials get them called by their last names, it doesn't effect them, or the majority of us. The people who are working at Waldemort, in offices, out of trucks, in stores and small manufacturing plants in our country won't pay any more. In fact, most of them will pay less taxes. It's the six figured, who've had tax breaks for their entire adulthood and feel entitled, who will be kicking in more. From what I saw of the quarter million who showed up, not many of these were the professionals, except for the GOP bigshots. But you see, they have foot soldiers.

The foot soldiers of the rich are the working optimists. These are the people who may really never make out much better than to partially pay their mortgages before croaking (like my folks). They work like hell, pay their bills, play by the rules, mind their bizness, raise and support their dependents and are the backbone of our nation. The middle class. They're a smaller group than they used to be in monetary terms, but much of the working poor perceive themselves to be middle class. I think that's because of the credit trap (a prior post). What they cling to, will defend to the death, is the right to be rich. Someday, they beLIEve, they will be rich, or one of the kids will, and "we're gonna protect that right". Not unlike the slaves who fought and died for the Confederacy. I don't get it, never have, but there it is. It's one of our mass hallucinations.

When we can peel these people out of their Fox TV mentality and get them to look at reality instead of beLIEving predigested nuggets of info with derogatory chuckles that make them feel superior, we can maybe then start working on real issues that pertain to them. While they live in a cotton candy bed of promises, visible jingoism and pie in the sky, this country is no better than it was under Bush.

Maybe they just need some Carlin:


cavard said...


Love the new blog. We'll build an audience and they will come. You go girl!

Austan said...

Thanks, man. If I get anywhere in writing it's mostly due to you.

Austan said...

I'm kinda surprised that in the blogpoll this week, there are two voters who make a 6-figure income!