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Friday, May 17, 2013

Escape From Planet Earth

The last week I've been putting in a lot of time in escapist entertainment. Part of that is because I've fallen in love with a fictional character, Walter Bishop on "Fringe". So I've been obsessively watching that. And I think when I'm done with all five series I'll start over. There's also all the old Doctor Who to catch up on, as I didn't pay much attention the first times around and I adore David Tennant. Thank gods for catalogued series. David is my Doctor!!

The book-buying binge has come home to roost. The stack next to my bed rose to an alarming 14 'stories' high (hehe) so I'm spending all my "feet up" time with the many waiting my attention. I've just finished Carol Miller's autobio about being a NYC dj back in the day (way less informative than you'd think). Now I'm onto Shout, the Beatles' story, which Paul gave me for my birthday. That one starts tonight.

When I have more of a framework than I do, I've another story brewing in my head and that'll want writing. This story actually scares me, and for no good reason. It's not horror, it's not out of my nightmares. I don't know why it's giving me agita but it is.

Meanwhile, the children's mystery book that I lost in the last computer doesn't want to be rewritten. I've taken notes so that if it ever does want to be written again they're ready. Writing is a weird thing. I can't seem to make myself write the way they say you have to, not on the subject anyway. I can write anytime, but there's no guarantees 'cause it'll go off somewhere that I never planned and may have nothing at all to do with the material I was supposed to work on.

GRR Martin says he heard there are 2 kinds of writers, architects and gardeners. Architects plan things- like the way we're told Jo Rowling wrote Potter, by sketching out chapters and events all the way to conclusion before proceeding to write the story. Then there's the writers like him -and me- who just start writing and see where it goes. I love when events occur and characters do things out of nowhere, seemingly independent of my hand or mind altogether. That's the whole joyous adventure of writing fiction to me.

One thing I do know now is that writing fiction is what I want to do. We live in a very harsh and nasty world these days. As much as I watch and read stories, I like creating them, more. We all need some escape, and if I can escape in work, so much the better. Maybe someday it'll make my life better in a big way, rather than the distracting entertainment it gives me now.


Munir said...

I guess according to George RR Martin I am an architect. When I wrote my book I had the whole story line and even the conversations in my head.

Anonymous said...

I think I might like to live in a world of your creation as opposed to the 'now'.

klahanie said...

Hi Laura,

Would somebody please tell me to go to bed! Three thirty in the morning! Yikes....

Speaking of "Dr. Who", one of my best friends lectures on media and he has met a lot of the dudes who played Dr. Who. His house is full of rare items from the actual set of the show.

With all the genres you are contemplating. It does seem that fiction is the way forward for you. Wishing you much fulfilment from it all, Laura.

Right, I'm outta' here....


Geo. said...

I have a great admiration for people who can write stories. I hope you have as much fun writing them as I have reading them --more, if that's possible.

Elephant's Child said...

I garden in the way you write. I find something I like (often many somethings) and squeeeze them in. And I love your writing - so I obviously read in the same way too.

Austan said...

I didn't know you'd written a book!Do tell!

Austan said...

Lawless- What a compliment! Thank you! What I'm writing right now is about getting what you wish for :).

Austan said...

Gary- GO TO BED. No, I don't care what time it is. No, you've had enough water, you're just stalling. Go. To. Bed.

Austan said...

Geo.- then you should hold yourself in high esteem, cuz you tell stories like a modern Aesop.

Austan said...

EC- you're so kind. <3
Gardening and writing are very similar anyway. There are days when everything's breathtaking and days when you wish you never started. ;)