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Saturday, May 11, 2013

There is No Dark Side of the Moon

WTH every week can leave you speechless lately. It's swampy, as Paul observed earlier. Just about a steam room area, not in the steam room itself, just around it. Soggy, ill-feeling. This is the sort of life pattern that leads to a night at Rudy's. And we all know that nothing good comes from going to Rudy's.

To add to the general outsized bizarrity of life, Stevil's playing his Recycled Radio Show right now

and it's strangely synched up with our local television station's auction

I've submutted my column to Vermont Views (late) but it's not online yet. When it is, I'll post it.

Meanwhile, eat comfort foods, wear comfort clothing, do comforting things. The world has sharp edges.


klahanie said...

Hi Laura,

Or do naked blogging. Oops, I just discovered one of those sharp edges. Like to see your submission from the Vermont Views.

Enjoy your upcoming Sunday.

Gary :)

Geo. said...

World does have sharp edges but, if I take these glasses off everything's nice and fuzzy again. World has taken to mumbling too, but I refuse to get a hearing aid.

Elephant's Child said...

I am really really looking forward to your column.
Comfort food? Yes. Comfort clothing? I don't do anything else.
Take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Things are a bit jagged in the world lately ... thank goodness for hot chocolate, fuzzy socks and blogger friends.

Austan said...

Gary- Doesn't everyone do naked blogging already?

It's Sunday evening where you are, I hope your week ahead is funny if it can't be fun.

Austan said...

Geo- The softening edges of aging have their goodnesses. But why the hell do people mumble these days?

Austan said...

EC- it's not my best effort, but the wind is temporarily out of my sails. It'll pick back up! :D

Austan said...

Lawless- oooooo, fuzzy socks. We like fuzzy socks.