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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ah, the Smell of Death and Decay in the Air!

This morning, a pretty quiet Saturday, I smelled Fall. The first crops are in and that bit of dead vegetation difference is in the air. The full effect won't happen til after the September rains, when a touch of mold and an undercurrent of Earth's BO join in. But I see the sun goes down earlier and comes up a few minutes later now. It's still 10 weeks til normal time returns.

Sleep is still an issue but I got 8 hours last night, anyway.
Beest had tuna today and is the happiest cat in the whole USA. She laid with all legs and head hanging off the desk shelf tonight. Little weirdo. What a character change in her, from bitchy little Valkyrie to pushy beanbag Clingon.

Neil Armstrong has died. One of those headlines that made me go, "Oh no!" out loud to nobody. What a crush we girls had on NASA boys. The astronauts were brave, and back in those days bravery was admired. The moon walk happened during my bout with Glandular Fever; it was entirely a Looking Glass experience. Maybe that's why I liked LSD so much. Anyway, we've lost Neil Armstrong. RIP.

A guy shot and killed his ex-boss on the street right in front of where I slung burgers and fries for a while, at 33rd and 5th. The cops caught up with him at the Empire State Buillding and killed him, shooting 7 others in the process. Glad I'm out of the work force; I think killing a boss is the new black.

Grand-Niecely landed safe and sound and grouchy in Vancouver. Mama is missing her chick, it's always hard to watch em go. Hell, I almost always cry like a big fat baby when Strider leaves.

We've set the first Heat Fund radio deal for September 12th. I'm making Flying Jacob but Westy can't eat bananas so I'll substitute sweet potatoes in it. There's so much bacon and chili-heavy cream sauce over the chicken already it doesn't matter. And where the hell would Vikings! get bananas anyway?

And Stevil's birthday party is in the works. He'll be retiring this Fall.

Wendy made her goal on Kickstarter, a week and change ahead of time; Brattleboro Cheese opens September 1st. It's good to see friends succeed. It's about time!

It's nearly 1 a.m. and I think I just may be able to crash so I'm going to try. Manana.


Geo. said...

Indeed a lovely scent:"... September rains, when a touch of mold and an undercurrent of Earth's BO join in."
I've never heard a better definition of petrichor. And you spelled "Vikings!" beautifully. Glad you're sleeping better too!

The Elephant's Child said...

Sleep is a wonderful thing. I only need to experience insomnia for a few days and I remember just why so many cultures have used sleep deprivation as a form of torture. Hopefully you will continue to get some much needed rest.
I laughed at the happiest cat in the whole USA. One of ours - who moved in on us, very shortly developed a passion for avocado. And flatly declined it if it has any brown spots on it.

Anonymous said...

Ah the overblown ripeness of the last week in August. So glad you got some sleep. Speaking of the Beast, is she still trying to eat herself or is that all cleared up now?

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

I'm sorry you can't sleep. Sleep is one of life's overlooked essentials.

Nice to see that people can still achieve their goals and I hope that the Cheese shop is a success. I'd always assumed that American cheese was just all plastic and colour.

Austan said...

Geo.- I think for the rest of my life I'll be spelling it Vikings! ;) It makes me happy.
Petrichor? Have to look that one up...

Austan said...

EC- Cats never seem to have insomnia. They seem able to drop off at any moment, in nearly any position. And I'm considering buying a case of cheap tuna instead of cat food. She has been so happy, and you don't know what's in those nebulously-named cans. Ocean Surprise? Mixed Grill? I think it's worth the extra bucks.

Austan said...

Lawless- She chews at a leg now and then, but stops when I say, "No biting!" and looks at me. All her fur is grown back and I comb her every day. She has the shiniest coat! Very thick, too. I take wads of fur off her.

Austan said...

TSB- I slept like death and feel so much better for it! Hooray for sleep!
There is a product called American cheese (god knows why it's called that) and it seems to have no standards- some versions are called "cheese food" whatever scary implications that holds- but we have real cheeses too. You pay through the nose for it these days, but it's good. I especially like Vermont Shepherd sheep cheese. The cheddars made around here are good, too. Wendy will carry cheeses from everywhere.