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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm Sarcastic?

After running my mouth nonstop for decades I've just realized I'm sarcastic. It never occurred to me. I say what I think at the time, usually. And I tend to love real irony. Bleakness cracks me up, And every guy I've ever been involved with has said I was sarcastic. But I never thought I was. I thought that was the domain of very bright people. Another myth busted. Two, actually.

It's been hectic and sleep-deprived. A couple times today I just lost the plot, I'm so tired. Had I paid attention to myself I should've gone to sleep early, but a phone call got me through that window and now I'm what my Father used to call "overtired". When you're tired-tired but you're still going and can't go to sleep.

On Sunday night in NYC at the site of the old Magickal Childe (now a Spanish restaurant), Michael Lloyd launched Bull of Heaven. And the NY Times showed up.
Michael is on "cloud 99" right now. I hope he gets to stay there for years. I'm expecting he'll get a NYT Book Review. Who knows how far this could go, but it couldn't happen to a nicer guy or harder worker. This book shows the work behind every moment of the nearly nine years it took to produce. I can't do a real review. I'm in the thing. Family and friends are in the thing. I know this story, I love the guy who wrote it, no way I could be objective. If it wasn't excellent I'd say it wasn't excellent without a problem, or not even mention the book at all. But it really is excellent.

Every page I read (& I've slowed down because I don't want to rip thru it) is another surprise. Things I didn't remember because I hadn't thought about them in years. Things I thought nobody would ever tell. Things I told that I had no idea were worth noting but really are. To see your name and words quoted in a book like this... to see photos you took years ago and remember taking, in a, well, history tome... to know the people, and the lies and the truths and the incomparable way Michael dug out the facts. Took a couple days to wrap my head around it.

Not that people won't have trouble with it. Straight people, I'm sure will. But it's the biography of a gay man. There's gonna be gayness in it. There have been gay men in my life since I can remember. I didn't grow up with a prejudice about it. They were just who they were, like anyone else who wasn't me. As Lewis Black says so sweetly, "Because we are all like snowflakes." Anyway, it's a great book.

Otherwise, there's flinging feces everywhere and everybody's ducking. Fall is only30 days away. We were informed that we'll have no power from 8-5p next Monday AND Tuesday so the electric company can change transformers. That's just wonderful. 2 days, temps in the high 80s they say, and not even a fan. Makes me so happy to hear that. And I'm sure it's for the bastid Smartmeters but we po'folk have no say in anything. I'll see how my glands go. Maybe it won't affect anything. At least the Ace bandage is off and so far I've gotten the major hurdles cleared this week. Tomorrow I don't have anything pressing, but I could do a couple things that should be done. Or I could fart around and amuse myself. We'll see.


Geo. said...

Etymology attests, good sarcasm --tearing into--and the name derogatorily applied Cynicism, the "dog philosophy" of Antisthenes and Diogenes, taught virtue is the highest good and prized self-control, intelligence and independence. And the Cynics were discriminated against, like Wiccans, like gays, the poor, the aged etc. World will be less safe for all of us if you quit sarcasm.

The Elephant's Child said...

I vote for farting around and amusing yourself. It seems overdue.

Lisa said...

You? Sarcastic? Nahhhh :D
Even though we're not "blood" family, we're more alike than I am with any of my "blood". And, I love it!

Right there with you on the sleep... Between dreading the work being done today, the lack of a proper shower for a week, and the excitement/heartbreak of Saturday, I'm getting about 3 hrs a night. And those 3 hours are full of horrible dreams and lots of tossing and turning.

Amuse yourself - dope The Beest up. AND, your late birthday/early Yule present will be there today. That will keep you amused for awhile. :D

Anonymous said...

Sarcastic? I handn't noticed lol. Get some rest girl...maybe sleep away those two days without power.

Austan said...

Geo.- Never fear, the sarcasm must be genetic and you can't change genes. Well, not those kinds of genes. Jeans, yes, I hope everyone does change jeans. Or it'd get pretty gross.

Austan said...

EC- I'm too tired to do much else!

Austan said...

Niecely- sometimes we're too much alike! Scary! hahahah!!! But I love it too

They say humans sleep too much- couldn't prove it by us. It's tiring to even think today. Trains of thought leave the station with no passengers and the doors open.

I'm watching for the mail carrier!!

Austan said...

Lawless! See? Everyone knew but me.
I'm planning that, now that you've said it. I had thought about doing yard work and prepping for the Fall but it's gonna be 88' they say. And it's still early to put the beds to sleep. So La Bete and I will be prone for the day. While she puts in her usual 20 hours of sleep a day, I'll read and nod off until the power comes back on. It'll be good on my hips, too, give them a break.