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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hell's Bells It's September!

Wasn't it Easter about 2 weeks ago? And doesn't everything, e ver y thing! take so long to do? How does this jibe? I have no idea. All this oxygen in my system is making me more airheaded than ever.

I'm also trying reeeeeeally hard to not be a flaming blasting bitch. Not as easy as you'd think. I had a go-round with Amazon yesterday over their incredibly stupid shipping/billing system which always requires filing a complaint and then being told it's my fault, which it's not, before being credited for what I shouldn't have been charged in the first place. Ho yeah, with all the crappy typing (I was never any good at typing and one-handed hasn't made it better) and going back to edit and replace the bad language, that takes up a whole morning. If I still had a job I couldn't order from Amazon at all, I just wouldn't have the time. When all was said and done, bills paid, gifts and foods ordered for all the various birthdays and holidays approaching and cat needs, I discovered I have 50 dollars to my name for the month. Two years ago that would've been cause for celebration. Now I'm just glad I quit smoking.

But the day ended happily and here we are in Labor Day weekend. Looks like many hobbits have left the Shire for a getaway. It's nice and quiet. Wendeleh, cheese maven and new business owner, is coming over for a good bitch session and she's bringing pizza! Hooray! Two days of not cooking!

A friend sent me a clip of another show, "The Newsroom" which impresssed me. A show about a Liberal Republican newsman. Liberal Republican. Remember them? I'll be looking for this on dvd. Here's a commenter's summary::
"...enjoy watching the clips from this series, mainly for the Tea Party bashing. They are such a bunch of ***wits on an epic level of which has never been seen before. However, before I get carried away: It should be duly noted that "Congressman Bryce Delaney" is a fictional character and whose fictional situation only represents the goofy, unwavering, flag-waving ***tards that represent the American Taliban, also known as...The Tea Party."

The oil sands of Alberta:

Another view of the original tea party

And here's some more sickening Romney info, but not in the article- in the comments!

I wish we had even one news channel or even comedy news that goes after all politicians the way this show does. Then maybe I could stand to watch news again

The Farmer's Almanac predicts a big winter

The intrusion goes on

And from the very real world, Michaelann's blogpost:

Off to get ready to bitch up a storm. Big Think Sunday tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

It is September. August hopped a freight train and headed off down the tracks. Where DOES the time go??? Enjoy that pizza.

Lisa said...

Have you seen Colbert Report or Jon Stewart's Daily Show? "The Newsroom" is an HBO original series and will cost a freaking fortune when it comes out on DVD - just a warning!

Austan said...

Lawless- I don't know where it goes, but I wish we could get some back!

Austan said...

Niecely- Of course. At this point I could probably write either show. I want something that rips Both sides for the morons they are and the shenanigans they're all up to. But of course, these days independent thought is (gasp!) Anarchy!

The Elephant's Child said...

michaelannland.blogspot has me reeling. And peeved that the hoops that people need to jump through seem to be the same the world over. And the people who design the hoop height have never missed a meal through poverty or spent a night homeless except by choice. Hiss and spit.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Even my Republican friend enjoys The Newsroom. I have never seen it because I am a Democrat and therefore can't afford it.

The Daily Show and Colbert have been especially funny this week what with the material they have with the convention. I am sure that next week will be the same. Billions of dollars being spent on this election and we have to beg for the smallest of things.

Austan said...

EC- she's good people, and is in the middle of these things day in and out. You're right; they have no idea, they're dilletantes. Yes, hiss and spit.

Austan said...

Arleen! Hahahahahah!!! That's why god made YouTube. So far, the conventions have been lampoons of themselves. I'm so tired of the fiddling and the waste.