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Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Last Summer Sunday

Hokay, as my brother Snowbear used to say. Summer is done. Back to business. There's been an undercurrent of heaviness through the whole Summer. It's like Summer is the season of denial. Well, denial has its place in the growth cycle, too. And it feels justifiable when it's green and the sun is out and it's hot.

But not dealing with things doesn't make them go away. You can close your eyes but you don't disappear. So I'm resentfully giving up ignoring things. Heaviness is upon us again, fellow babies. Blech. I'd give up a couple years of life to not go through these elections until the Tea Party dies and people start thinking with their brains and not their fear. What a load of chickens.

I think I've figured out why people bug me to say something around here, and that's because when I don't shoot my mouth off it's abnormal. I just realized that. Maybe this is why people schmooze and say nothing of value consistantly when asked for quotes. It's Poker Mouth. It's so disingenuous. I'm always surprised to peel away to another layer of nasty reality. I'm a slow learner. But I'd rather just keep my mouth shut and make them think anyway. At least it's honest.

And speaking of thinkery:
Digital distraction

Fine, I'll try it again

Burying the Bush disasters one at a time

Is it time for my idea of midair energy collectors?

Is there pipe on Mars?

I hate this crap

But coriander and cilantro are two different products in the US, tho from the same plant...

This is a surprise?

Every enemy has a weakness

Oh here we go

Enough! Let's ease into this Autumnal seriousity.


Geo. said...

Will comment only on "Digital Distraction" article. I agree totally with what it says about our inability to use scads of intrusive info productively while trying to maintain coherency. I also never read anything after the word "paradigm" is used, so only got halfway through. Can only add that the past is being devalued by digital media's prickly cult of NOW, and suspect it makes folk more vulnerable to hoodwinking.

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

Enjoy the crisp rustle of golden leaves, the crunchy bite of apples, fresh breezes with the scent of hay.

Autumn is here.

Except summer is just arriving down in sunny Aoteroa.

Anonymous said...

Gender selection. I can see a long term problem with that one.
Autumn kind of jiggles your mind doesn't it?

The Elephant's Child said...

I am one of the people who dislikes (really dislikes) cilantro or coriander leaves. I am happy with other parts of the plant and use seeds and powder often in cooking. The leaf - Bleah. And I don't think of it as a soapy taste - I think it is ranker than that. I will be glad when it has joined sun dried tomatoes in cheffy oblivion.