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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Come In, Watch the Cat!

Here, come in from the wet nasty and warm up. There's soup on the stove. Help yourself, you know where everything is. Oh, and there are portuguese rolls in the breadbox and cheeses in the fridge. Beesto stop begging, you have two bowls of food. Beest! BEESTO!

So. How about that huge snowstorm that everyone but VEMA carried on about again that never happened. What is this with the Patty McPanicker freakouts every time there's some weather coming? What the hell are they doing that for? Who owns the Weather channel now anyway? Murdoch? They're like mythic creatures, these scaremongers. Like in some future book of myths there'll be these demons called Murdoch and the Fox who talked mankind into being afraid of it's own friggin shadow.

It's been a weird start to the year. Really depressing but very true is that there are no happy new years anymore, and haven't been, for years. Every year is hard and it's been that way for too long. I find myself thinking about death a lot and not because I think I'm dying but because those I love and have known for a long time keep dying. And deaths are like burns. Every one hurts like hell. Every one leaves a scar. Every one is the same thing but entirely different. Eventually you know what to do with yourself after it keeps happening many times. Maybe find a way that keeps it from festering or stop the pain quicker. You pick up tricks that help you get thru these things along the way. But it's always a burn, and remains a burn. Things are forever changed after a death. Good things can come in a change. I've had that happen a lot. 

Oh there are Freihofer's chocolate chips on the side chest there... and there's good local milk in the fridge. Can you believe they're trying to push an ok out of the FDA to put aspartame in milk products? Friggin aspartame, that becomes a formadehyde in your body? That's an addictive substance, basically a drug that kills? Without it having to be on the label? That's where all the fights are now, over what we get to know about what they're putting in food. Pete Shumlin is pissing me right off. He's siding with the pro-GMO lobby about labeling. He's a shifty shitter. These Vermont Democrats are almost as shady as the NYers. Look at these local elections. I'm done for a good while. At least a year. Let it all go to Hell. People can't be bothered to vote, so we get the lowest common denominators. Screw it. My stomach's been killing me I need to de-stress. Or is it unstress...?

Anyway, sit and tell me what's going on. No I don't care if you smoke. Here comes the Beest to perch on you. Look at and there go the fingerknives. So what do you make of all this?


Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Ooh, aren't ye full o' piss and vinegar today, lass?

I wish you lived closer so we could sit down and talk and giggle. Sounds like you need to laugh so hard your belly hurts. (in a good way)

There's a lot of depressing things going on in the world, but I refuse to let them get me down. And I've lost so many people to death, I fear I'm gonna end up being the last one standing, but life goes on. And inside, joy still bubbles. There are times I realize this bubbly feeling inside makes no sense, but there it is, no matter what. Could be I'm a teensy bit nuts?

"Death is not extinguishing the light; it is only putting out the lamp because the dawn has come." Rabindranath Tagore

If you have a chance, check out my post for today. I think the gal I wrote about is your kinda gal.

Happy weekend.

Austan said...

Susan, that was a great piece you wrote about Victoria Woodhull. It always surprises me when people don't know anything about the women who've done so much. The comments are proof that half the human race is ignored by history!

Yes! I really could use a girls' night of cracking and carrying on. There is so little laughter around here anymore. When you crack jokes people don't even get them. If it wasn't for my Gal Friday I don't think I'd laugh all week, except at facebook nonsense (really, Awkward Bands and Musicians has made me laugh to tears a couple times). Ah, well. Spring is coming and things will loosen up.
Happy Women's Day and go silly nuts this weekend!

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I read your post and all I wanted to do is put my arms around you and say "I understand". Then I read the "Wise Susan" comment. She says it so well (of course). Life is not easy when we get older. Sometimes it seems more about loss or impending loss. My heart is heavy now because of the same thing, but I think of the joy I had, the love I had, and the memories I have and know my life has been so enriched by the people who have passed through. There is more out there for me to experience and I am still looking forward because I must and because I want to still be part of the ride. Get back on train, you still have the steam.

Geo. said...

I loved this. It was like I arrived on the enigma train and got invited in, listened, learned and got into the fridge. When Willie lived closer, I used to do that. He had a cat named Radio that would dart out from under the sofa, untie my shoelaces and dash back again. I used to tell him good news comes from within --and he would tell me I was an idiot. We were both right. But your post brought those good old evenings back and I thank you.

The Elephant's Child said...

It seems that too many of us need to remember to how to giggle, or guffaw. Until the tears are rolling down our face again - but in a good way. I did chuckle at the Beest's two bowls of food. Jazz has dry food, and some skippy and just now was begging (woefully) for some canned food. Which he didn't get. So now he has the huffs.
I hear you on the scars that death leaves, but I am a survivor, as you are a survivor. Battered but unbowed.

Anonymous said...

It's been a rough winter over here with lots of sickness and death to deal with...seems as you get older this is what happens....still I maintain my idiotic sense of humour which seems to offend many. I seem to have spent my whole life offending others in one way or I refuse to let life get me down...pass the cat and pour the soup...let's see what we can make of all this lol.

Austan said...

Arleen, I'll take a hug! This past week was absolute crap. With Emmet dying that would've been more than enough. But other things, especially not being able to take Aleve... well. I've never had such pain that it scared me before. I'll be damn glad when this Winter's done, my stomach heals and I'm not alone so damn much.

Austan said...

Geo. I was thinking of an old friend, long gone, when I wrote this. Stopping in to see her was like getting a Tennessee Williams monologue. :) She was a tough old bird, and her 3 minutes mixed politics, gardening, cooking, general complaints- and all the while telling you to eat, help yourself, get comfortable. After her rant, she'd listen to all your troubles. Before you left she'd fill your stomach and have you laughing. We need more like her in the world.

Austan said...

EC, yep, we'll carry on, as we always do. There are days when you can slap on a happy face and days when you can't. And even days when you shouldn't. But there is certainly a dearth of funniness these days!

Austan said...

Lawless, that's the spirit. Today is looking beautiful. We lose sleep tonight but Spring is only ten days away and we'll have made it through another Winter. Pass the cat and pour the soup indeed. ;)