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Sunday, March 17, 2013

lá sona Naomh Pádraig

How can this be Sunday night/ St. Patrick's Day night already when I haven't caught up to Wednesday yet? I just saw Lawless' post at
and that's exactly how I feel and I don't even have a hubby eating up all my time! What the hell? I'm even limiting my online time and still, it seems like a day is over in a flash. Everyone wants to know what I think of what they did when I haven't had time to notice, if I'm honest. Yes, very nice, very lovely. Can I have 10 minutes to go to the lavatory in peace?

There are 12, yes 12, books waiting to be read. I'd get thru them sooner but my eyes give out these days. Every night I put the same dvd in the little mobile dvd player in my bedroom and I've yet to know what's going on in it. Most nights I'm crashing not long after the covers are on me. Then I wake up and sleep, wake up and sleep all night. I had 3 nights of good sleep last week and I could've slept more if I didn't have things going on. There are always things going on. Workers out behind my bedroom wall, or loud people. Telephones turned up to 11 for the nearly deaf to hear their pals call at 6:30 a.m.


Anyway, lots going on in the world that has nothing to do with my silly life.
Get ready for further future payments:

Brains, minds and thoughts- how does that work?

Thought crime detection being perfected

Stop putting it off

The Vicar came out for Red Nose Day after 7 years' retirement
(you can download the sketch and donate thru this vid)

Photos of the towns near Fukushima, 2 years after the tsunami and nuclear event

And if you're a Progger this is a treat

And this is just for the hell of it

Okay, time to go!


Anonymous said...

Hah!!! If they think they can break my procrastination habits in 8 easy steps they've got another think coming.

Geo. said...

"Bah" indeed! "There are always things going on." I tell you, Austan, time has attenuated me, stretched and reticulated me into a grouchy old lady who does not approve of goings-on. Time rushes by and in a week I go in for new heart bionics. My surgeon's first name is Padraig. There must be an easier way to celebrate!

klahanie said...

Hi Laura,

There's plenty to see here. And you can go to the lavatory in peace after you read my amazingly wonderful comment.

You have a lot of books you want to read. Strange thing is that these days I only read snippets of books. Too busy reading manuscripts that authors send to me. For reasons beyond my comprehension, they ask my opinion.

I wish you could get a restful sleep and felt better. St. Patrick's Day has come and gone here and it was quiet. Even my Irish neighbour was pretty quiet.

Besides, time to celebrate St. George's Day, I reckon. After all that dude sleighed a dragon. And no, I wont let this comment um dragon....



Susan Flett Swiderski said...

You're probably still dragging your keister a bit after being sick. Give yourself a break, okay?

I don't need 8 steps to stop procrastinating, and I can stop any time I want to. Um, maybe tomorrow...

The Elephant's Child said...

Procrastinate? Me? Well yes. But only the unimportant things - that is my story and I am sticking to it.
And yes, the year is whizzing past. And I too would like a LOT more sleep. Some day.
Susan is right though - you need to give yourself a break. The same one that you bend over backwards to give everyone else.
Does Beest insist on joining you in the toilet? Jazz does. Drat him.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Because life passes by so quickly, we have to make sure we stop and smell the roses as often as we can. Routine is necessary, more so as we age, but we need to make and plan for special moments. We all write the story of our lives and I know you have had, and will continue to have, interesting, wonderful chapters still to come.