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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Thank You, Mr. President

Nope, not Obama, whose deals are day by day making me like him less. This thank you goes to Jimmy Carter. If the good guys win in the end, Jimmy Carter will go down in history as the most decent man who served in the White House in decades, possibly ever.

And now, this man of good conscience has done something I'm sure has cost him sleep and friends, because his conscience is still that strong. It can't have been an easy decision, but I applaud him, as always.


Anonymous said...

That is a powerful piece. I have been furious for years with so called "Christian" men and their attitudes toward womans place in the world.

Elephant's Child said...

That is such an amazing statement. Loud applause from my tiny corner of the world as well. Thank you so much for bringing it to us.
Now we have to hope that people will listen...

Geo. said...

Mr. Carter's essay,"Losing my religion for equality", is mistitled. He is doing his job as a cultural elder --examining, defining a painful constriction in social and moral justice. He recommends its correction: the restoration of equality in religion and society at large. He is losing nothing...but it's a catchy title. Thanks, Austan.

Austan said...

President Carter is a really good man. He has all that a hero has- compassion, courage, strength of character, resolve, fairmindedness- he walks his talk. He speaks his mind without fear. We could use a couple million more like him.

paulg said...

If you wanted to be pessimistic, you could look at the 2 term presidents before and after him (the twisted Nixon - Twixon? - and the empty suit, Reagan) - and say Carter? That's the man who who deserved only 1 term? Really?

My view is that the behind the scenes power brokers are scared to death of a man that is not totally beholden to them.
And Carter is a true man of god (and this is an atheist saying this) who really looks to his higher power for answers and not to those brokers.
As in they ain't gonna let it happen to them ever.
Scared little things they are.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I remember when his daughter, Amy, got married. She walked down the aisle by herself. She said something to the effect that she was not property to be given away to somebody. Her parents raised her well!

Carter was not a successful President because he would not sell himself to the Washington culture and power. However, he was the most successful ex-President and left a legacy for others to emulate. The only one to do that has been Clinton who also has used his influence to do good.

I did not vote for him, but I have long respected him for all the positives things he has done since he left Washington.